Teaching the command “Go!”

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Some cats enjoy the pleasant walking with the strings. It is very suitable to have a cat which patiently wears the string and the harness, especially if you have to travel with it. We propose to use harness instead of collar because the collar may cause fear if it presses.

In addition, we recommend using harness of H-type when separate belts with the buckles on them grasp the neck and chest. Harness of 8-type with only one buckle is easier to put on the cat but it may frighten around the neck and chest if to pull it and then the cat will feel itself uncomfortable. The best string is the thin nylon one with a little buckle. Remember that you don’t pull the truck but just walk with your cat, so you needn’t the thick string with a huge buckle.

Harness makes magic effect on the most of cats making them stay motionless for a long time. To avoid such condition and help the cat to feel itself well when it is wearing a harness we recommend to put it on your cat every day during the meal. If it is necessary, add some especially tasty things during the period of teaching.

After the meal let the harness remain on the cat for half an hour. It’ll help the cat to get accustomed to the harness on it’s body. As soon as the cat feels itself comfortable with the harness on begin to put the string on it too. Put the harness on it before the meal, then attach the string and then put the cat on the floor in a meter distance from the plate. Let it come up to the plate pulling the string after it. Pet your cat for this action. As soon as it feels itself free coming up to the plate begin to say “Go!” and hold the string while it is going.

At first, these walking must be short and easy. Give the delicacies to it during the walking, praise it and play with it using its favorite toy. Try to praise it and play with it only when it moves. Cat may stop moving to eat its delicacy but you should give it only when the cat moves forward. Don’t wait till the cat stops to get food because this will encourage your cat to stop more often. When it solves the problem better, make it go farther and farther and give it less delicacies every time.

Common problems connected with teaching the command “Go!”

Cat stands stock-still on the place

Be ready, that during the training this command your cat will stop at least some times. It is rather normal reaction when the cat feels that something grasps its body. Be patient and the cat will understand what you need from it. If it stands stock-still let the string remain on it and let the cat pull it after itself for about a half an hour. But look after it all that time because the string may hook on something.

Cat is in panic

If the cat begins to run about the room in panic, you should wait before it stops and then praise it. Let the harness remain on the cat for your pet to get accustomed to it. Again look after the cat that pulls the string after it.

Your cat hardly felt something like that before as it feels now when the harness is on it, so give the chance to get accustomed to it! And it will be accustomed if you are patient and award the cat.

Cat runs away from you

You should be ready to this. Any animal will first react on the constraint trying to run away. Be patient, use delicacies which the cat really likes. Be sure that it is hungry and do everything slowly. Award it every time, when it makes even one-step forward. When it does that, award it after it has made two steps forward. Soon it will walk with string quite free.

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