Teaching the command “Away!”

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Here is one moment when you can use the training table (training tables are described in the chapter about the command “Lie!”). Command “Away!” for our aim means that the cat must quickly jump down on the floor with all its paws. Using the training table will help to make the studying fun and easy at the same time.

Start to teach the cat when it is hungry. Put it on the training table. Show the delicacy to it, say “Away!” and point to the floor with your hand. You have a chance that the cat will jump down from the table. Praise it and give the delicacy to it. Praise its brilliant abilities. It is the only one in the whole world! Repeat procedure one or two times. Cats are not very patient students. Therefore, as soon as you notice that your cat is sad or it loses the interest, then stop! You’ll do more the other day.

As soon as the cat learns that well and is always ready to jump down for the prize, you may say “Away!” to it, but don’t move your hand closely to the floor. Instead of doing that move your hand down for only half of distance. it’s possible that the cat will jump. So, praise it and give the delicacy to it. After some lessons change the distance of moving your hand to minimum before it will jump down from the table as soon as it hears “Away!” Now you've reached the success. It wasn’t very difficult, was it?

Common problems of teaching the command “Away!”

Cat doesn’t jump down

If your cat stares at the delicacy but doesn’t jump, you should do one of these things. You may try to use the lower table if the cat doesn’t like to jump. Alternatively, you may carefully push it making to jump from the table, and then praise and give the delicacy to it as if the cat did everything itself. We pushed the cat softly by the hand. It is done to help the cat to understand what you want. It is not, of course, a punishment. Help the cat and then praise it. It will quickly understand what to do.

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