Cats don’t stand touches

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There are cats which want that all the world obey them. Usually such animals may be divided into three groups: 1) treated badly, that’s why they get any touch with suspicion; 2) people didn’t touch and caress them, that’s why touches are something new and unknown; 3) they don’t simply relate to such kind of cats which like to be touched. If you have reason to consider that your pet have never been touched before, please, read a chapter, devoted domestication of wild cat. There you will find recommendations, now to do it.

If your pet was treated badly, begin with stopping any bad treatment ’cos it, possibly, proceeds. If you are not a success to stop it in your house, don’t try to change anything. You'd better find another home for the pet where it will be loved. In fact, if such things take place at your house and you can’t stop it, then you need to worry about other things.

If your pet simply doesn’t like tender treatment or it was offended before its appearing at your house, you can try to do the following.

How to treat a cat which doesn’t like touches

How to solve a problem if you are sure that your pet doesn’t want to be combed, cured or to have its claws cut? We would try to approach such cat with a thick bath towel in the hands. Don’t call the cat’s name. Just come up to your pet as if by chance. Spend a few seconds for caressing it and then carefully wrap it in a towel, turn the ends of a towel above its shoulders and then under its body. You have swaddled your pet like a baby.

You may do what needs to be done, but carefully. After you have finished, again spend a few minutes to say some tender words to your pet. Stoke it and then slowly let it out of the towel. If you treat it rude you will prepare your pet for strong resistance.

Treat your pet with respect

If you pet wants to go away, let it do it. Respect its wishes and you will teach your pet to rely on you. Take everything your pet offering you. Maybe you want your pet to lay on your knees, but it likes just to sit near you. Not a bad start!

Teach your pet to be friendly

Offer your pet a piece of delicacy each time it sits near you. When a cat takes the idea with enthusiasm, put a delicacy closer to yourself. The cat has to come closer too to get a delicacy.

If you want it to happen quicker, stop feeding your pet using a bowl and feed it only from your hands. When your cat starts taking food from your hand, move your hand closer and closer to yourself. You will understand that it is possible to move your hand very close and your pet will take food from your hand wherever it may be.

If your pet doesn’t want to take a piece of delicacy and you know for sure that it is the favorite food, don’t be sad! Stop doing this and try again in 8-12 hours. When your pet gets hungry, your knees won’t seem to it the worst place on earth.

When your pet sits near you and on your knees with pleasure, start stroke it one time before giving a piece of delicacy. And also stroke it one time when it eats. One stroke - one delicacy.

When during some moment your pet treats you very friendly or does a big progress, reward it with a bonus - handful of delicacies and no training during this day. Give a chance to understand that additional efforts from its side will be rewarded!

When your pet gets used to the training, start to stroke its body. But each time limit to only one new element of stroking. If you want to stroke not one but two times at first, do it, but do not touch its tail. Only one new element at a time, please!

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