How to teach your cat not to spray

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First you have to understand what the cat marks his territory for. Believe me he does it not to irritate you or take vengeance on you. It’s his natural instinct to defend his territory. With his marks he wants to show all the cats which can infringe on his territory: “I’m the boss here”. In cat’s family living in wild surrounding not all cats mark the territory. The cats follow the hierarchy of the family, that’s why only the main cat has the right to mark the territory. The marks of the “junior” cats is regarded as a rebellion, the attempt to take the place of the “senior” cat. So, to make your cat stop marking the territory you should prove, that you are the “senior” here not he, and you have the right to mark the territory not he.

How to do it? The cat will never understand your screams and kicks of your sleeper or broom. You shouldn’t “knock his nose” against the marked place, otherwise he’ll think “it’s my smell here, so I can mark here myself”. If you notice your cat with lifted trembling tail and some drops of the secretion with a very strong smell pure down the door or the wall – it means that you should start decisive debate on the cat’s language.

Take your cat over his withers and lift him up. Usually cats put the tail between the paws and hang in the “kitten’s pose”. It’s great. If the cat tries to go out – take him firmer it takes only some minutes,somebody can help you. Now you should remember three things. Do you remember how the cats hiss before the fight? Train beforehand, the sound should be like “f”, “sh”, “h”. Now remember how the cats beat with their fore-leg paw – in boxing it’s called “hooch”. And the third: you should remember and what is more believe (the cats feel not only what we tell but what we feel through the smells, which we secrete – the smell of “anger”) that YOU are the MAIN cat here, You defend your territory and this little cat tries to fall you down of your throne.

Have you remembered? Have you believed? Have you become angry? Begin to hiss and spit on the cat taking turns with “cat’s hooch from the left and right” with your tips of fingers straight to the cat’s insolent face. (As offensively it was not you for the marked wallpapers - do it not very strong). The cat will try to shut his eyes and turn away – you should continue defending your territory, till the cat squeaks. As soon as he squeaks let him go. Remember – those who turn his eyes away first, has given up! Stare at your cat’s eyes and don’t turn yours away. At once mark again the territory as your cat has done it before. Of course, you needn’t do the same, besides it’s impossible from the point of view of physiology, but you can water the place of the mark and rub it down with your under shirt you’ve worn the whole day (or even better you have trained in it). You will have the same effect if you rub down the place with a piece of cloth you’ve had in your arm pit for half a hour or your socks after you’ve worn them the whole day. Ladies can use their perfumes with strong smell.

May be you should repeat the procedure some more times again, but you’ll be surprised by the result. If the cat has been beaten with your sleeper will be offended and won’t come to you to purr and can even urine into your sleeper – the cat which has been punished “in the way the cats do it” will consider you as unreal big, but very strong cat – strict but just.

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