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Your pet’s get crazy! It climbs up, sweeps off all the things in your house, jumps on you behind the furniture, beats you with a paw sitting on the fridge, rushes like mad during the night knocking everything out of its way. What happens to it?

Maybe, nothing serious. How old is your pet? For every cat under one year it is quite a normal behavior as well as for some breeds have high natural level of energy - think of Siamese and Abyssinian cats. It is possible to except such their behavior during many years.

Normal behavior doesn’t always mean acceptable behavior but we can turn such flashes of activity into other channel or even prevent them. Here are some ways.

Energy of such kind is needed to be let out. You may ask your pet not to run and it cannot do it, of course, it simply cannot stay quiet and you are not able to make it do it. The best decision is to give this energy a positive let out. Think that your pet needs a hobby. Maybe, your young four-pawed athlete will be interested in chase a table-tennis ball or a toy on a rope. Whatever decision you've accepted, you should carry it out regularly, carefully and scrupulously. And do not expect that a dull play in chase one time a day will make your pet calm down for 24 hours.

Think about buying a friend for your acrobat. Desirably that such friend has less enthusiasm than your trouble-maker. Two communicative cats can spend their time perfectly, entertaining each other and it can considerably make your life easy. In case there will be two quick-pawed demons in your house, accept our sympathy.

Buy a special stand for climbing and your cat will be occupied with it with pleasure. If you don’t want your pet to use your pieces of furniture as a gymnasium, you should give it the possibility to get somewhere. The best variant is cats' stand for climbing from floor to ceiling. At the end such variant costs less than your sitting-room suite.

Feed your pet so that the basic taking of food will be late in the evening. Well-fed cat usually wants to sleep. The choice of suitable feeding time is one of the methods to influence the period of your pet’s activity.

Let your pet live in a separate room. Of course, such room must not serve as a place of banishment, but if you let your marathon racer stay there at night, it will be a good possibility to have a rest without midnight cracks and knocks. When your cat grows up, it will get the chance to be in charge everywhere in the house, but before it has to leave the habit of rushing about the house.

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