The Arsenal of Means for the Change of the Behavior of a Cat

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The change of the surroundings in combination with praises and awards is the best way to convince a cat of changing its habits. To bring the necessary changes into the surroundings you will need certain devices. Some tested and reliable means are listed below. You can use either all of them, or some of them, or those which are effective. Choose a device to your liking. It has to be useful for you and at the same time your cat has to dislike it. This group contains neither the best nor the worst means.

The Sprinkler

These splendid devices for training cats are also often used for the watering of plants and the applying of detergents. They are effective for most cats, and more over, it should be pointed out, it’s very funny for a man to use them. But, please use no additions you need only water. Slicing installed the tip which allows to obtain a single stream of water you will be able to sprinkle the cat that is even more than in six feet from you. If you act stealthily the effectiveness of the influence will only rise. The main point is in that your cat is made to associate the stream of water not with your presence, but with its bad behavior. If you scold or approach your cat sending a stream of water at the some time, it will learn to correct itself at your presence but it will probably continue to behave itself the same way when you are absent.


While using mousetraps turn their bottoms upwards only. We mean old-fashioned traps but not sticky ones. Install the mousetrap, and then carefully put it with its bottom upwards on some thing, if you don’t want your cat to climb this thing up or to be near it. A sudden sound of a strong clap and an abrupt movement of the mousetrap will be enough to frighten the majority of cats. In addition to this, it’s not harmful. it’s advisable to use the traps in solitary places. It is not recommended to use them in the houses with little children, kittens, puppets and other petty home animals.

Tins with Coins

An empty clean aluminum tin from the soda water or beer with twelve small coins inside can make much noise and influence the correction of the behavior of a cat. If you shake such a tin or throw it near a cat (but not at the cat!) this will frighten an animal and make it stop doing things it has been doing before. They are also can be easily used as mousetrap constantly present in the surroundings in order to correct the behavior of a cat. These are splendid devices but they are not recommended for the cats which are highly sensitive of noise or which have just appeared in the house. It is anxious enough besides this. In all other cases they are not dangerous and effective.

A Siren with a Pressed Air

Small hand sirens with a pressed air are sold in many markets which trade with bicycles, and also with the goods for row-lovers. These small devices produce awful squeak when at work and instantly frighten practically all cats, if they are near it.

it’s a serious instrument for serious problems with behavior, such as aggression (See: Aggression) or sprinkling with urine. it’s effective if used properly, though you can say the same about most of the other instruments and means. We wouldn’t recommended you to use it for the correction of the cats that are sensitive to the sounds or that very often experience some kind of stress, or that have recently experienced it.

In multistoried buildings it should be used very carefully. Your neighbors will hardly stand such noise.

Pressed Air

You can buy the balloons with the pressed air in photo shops. These balloons have a button that being pressed releases the stream of air. They are usually used for blowing the dust off the slides and negatives but are also not less effective for the improvement of a cat’s behavior. The fast stream of air directed to the mug has a discouraging effect on most of the cats because they consider it to be someone’s vigorous hissing.

And though we never had any problems with the balloons and consider them to be safe and effective measures we wouldn’t use them in places where there is dust or sand which can affect the cat’s eyes.

Two-sided adhesive tape

The cats don’t like it when their paws are stuck to anything. The two-sided adhesive tape has a good working power but after it has been stuck to some kinds of surfaces it sometimes is very difficult to remove. That is why if you want to have a certain temporary control in some place, you'd better use the photo paper for close prints or put under the adhesive tape a sheet of paper but in the way that it would reach the ends of the tape from both sides and it would be easy to stick them to the surface. Then the adhesive tape will have the photo paper effect.

Photo paper for close print

This is a very good material if used with the top side down because the cats hate to stand on it. But you should obligatory turn the edges of the paper down and stick it in the necessary place, otherwise it’ll happen that the paper wraps the cat up and sticks to it. The paper shouldn’t be pleasant for a cat but it, of course, doesn’t mean that it should torment to animal. It is very easy to cut certain pieces out of such paper with the form and size of the given part of surface that is needed to be protected.


Nowadays many different repellents for domestic animals are sold at the market. There exist repellents that are to be used only inside your house. And there are repellents made of herbs, others are made of same other substances, so you have a wide variety of them to choose to your liking. Try them one by one before you find the one that would smell very disgust to your cat and would be good for you. And you should always remember that cats have very sensitive noses. And to frighten off an average cat is not at all obligatory to pour it with the repellent.

Besides, there exist also old means accepted by everybody: same perfumes, deodorants with the smell of citrus plants used inside your house or just peel of the citrus plants. All these means have been frightening the cats off for many years.

What is the means of the cats' conduct which is always at hand?

Here’s the example. You leave a tin with small coins an the rear side of the dustbin. Your cat turns it over. The tin falls on the floor with a great crash. In this case the cat will thinks of the frightening noise when the dustbin turns over. And then the probability that the cat turns the bin over will be reduced.

The main virtue of the means that are always at hand is that they punish the cat just at the moment it is doing something wrong irrespective of your being present or unpresent in the house. In case the cat connects the punishment with you presence, it’ll just wait till you go away and begin to play pranks. But if it connects the punishment with the dustbin itself, it’ll keep away from it, irrespective of where you are. Such means of punishment never make mistakes. The tin with coins will fall only in case the cat turns dustbin over. No confusion, no problems.

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