Encroachment upon dinner dish

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Practically any cat can be taught that food on your own plate doesn’t mean an invitation for your pet to join you.

The simplest method to manage with it is not to assume it to grow into a serious problem. Never feed your cat when it is on the table. Never, even from time to time, feed your cat from your plate. Don’t allow your pet to lick your plates. If you want to share your food with it, just put a piece of food into your cat’s plate. Then it will think that all pleasant and good comes from its plate. Don’t also allow your pet to have a tasty piece from plates in the kitchen.

If your pet has already had the habit to lick plates, do the following. Choose some mean for the correction of cat’s behavior, sit at the table, put some food on your plate and pretend you are eating. In this case the main thing for you is the training of your pet. If you conduct some lessons teaching your pet, all the following years you will quietly enjoy your meal.

When your cat approaches your plate, say «Away!» in a strict and clear way. If it obeys, it’s great! Praise it, it has really deserved your praise. If your pet doesn’t move after you've said Away!», well, a quick stream of water can help and makes it get away. Take a pulverizer for plants, set it on a single stream and fill it with water. This method is effective, it lets to manage your pet and it’s not necessary to stop your meal. If you have nothing near you, just slam your palm on the table or point an air-blast from a container with compressed air — in most cases it can make your cat step aside.

Irrespective of the methods you've chosen to make your pet step back, praise your cat. As usual, stop punishment at the moment your pet obeys you. At the very moment it puts four paws away from the table, water stream or loud noise should be stopped. it’s very important that in your pet’s consciousness the moment of jumping from the table is associated with safety — only then it takes the idea you want to inspire it with.

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