Dogs and cats

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Most of the cats and dogs can learn to live in peace with one another if you give them time and the clear rules. Every cat gets accustomed to presence of the dog with its own temper. You can’t make it to love the dog and any attempts of such character will give the negative results.

When you are introducing your cat with the dog you have to be sure that, at first, your cat has the secure place to hide and, second, the dog’s motions are restricted.

The secure place for your cat is either the high shelf or the table or separate room with the grates in the entrance and these grates must give the opportunity to your cat to come in and out while the dog can’t do it. If your dog is capable to leap through the lattice, then use a big door hook with the loop and open the door far enough that the cat is able to pass, but the dog - no.

The secure place will help your cat to relax and to think without stress that the dog may come close to it. Be sure that the cat isn’t pressed in the corner when it meets the dog. Any frightened animal which is pressed in the corner may show its worst character in such situation. But if the cat has the way to run away it will help it to feel itself more safe and courageous.

it’s very important to restrict the dog’s motions. It always means that the dog must usually wear the bending. To control the dog with the words or to hold it is not useful because it’s difficult to control the dog following the cat. Most of the dogs will show the great interest to the new cat and it’s quite natural. But some dogs' interest may change into the aggression. Practically every dog will feel excitement if the cat runs from it. Such feature is usual for the dogs which were grown with some level of aggression, such as some of guard kinds and also terriers. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the dogs and cats can’t become friends. But when the dog is very excited it doesn’t always do the right choice.

In ideal world you could train your dog for a long period. But this world is not ideal, so, it is possible that you have been training your dog not so much as you had to or haven’t done that at all. Start training immediately! Now it is the time when you need the strict control of your dog and, of course, it’s good attention to you.

Scratching out eyes

Cat can seriously hurt dog’s eyes, while - I’ll knock on the wood - we haven’t met such cases yet. Most cats scratch the dogs' eyes for their own safety only. If you do everything for cat’s safety and it always has the way to run away you will seldom have such problems.

Such problem is too dangerous for dogs with short noses, such as boxers, mopses, bulldogs, cavils and others.

Be especially careful with such dogs and also with all puppies because they run a risk connected with both their irresistible temper and special exterior.

If you show the cat to new animals or you have some reasons to be afraid cut the cat’s claws! And, of course, remember about control and training of the dog.

New cat in the family which has already got the dog

If you close the cat in a special room it will help both the cat and the dog to smell each other through the door. Put two blankets or towels to them to sleep there. Change the towels with each other after some days for the animals get accustomed to smell of each other. If they refuse to sleep in such beds just rub them with the towels and then change them too. The effect will be the same. Let the cat get accustomed to the new house and to feel itself free in your surrounding before showing it to the dog. Not more that one stress a time, please!

If your dog is trained to stay in the cage that’s wonderful! Put it into the cage every evening for about an hour. It will give your cat the opportunity to examine the house and during that time you won’t be afraid that your cat is followed by the dog. If the dog doesn’t like the cage lock it in the room and let it play with some special toys. If the dog barks and scratch the door you have to train it. Such dog won’t be touched by anything. And the last variant is to put the dog on the bending and to take it always near. It is not the best variant because cat can’t come up to you for communication. Perhaps, it will run away as soon as it sees the dog. But if it is the best way you can do you should better do this instead of nothing.

Another good present to your cat is to let the dog sleep in your room and with the help of that, empty the rest of the house for the cat to examine it. Such trips will help you cat to feel itself calmer and safer, to find the places for hiding there and to get accustomed to dog’s smell.

Any following the cat by the dog must be stopped immediately. You mustn’t let it be so. We want to give you as more pieces of advice we can but they are so long that the number of pages in this site can’t let us do that. So we have to say: call the special hints!

Especially about kittens

Kittens are small and tender ball lightning. Even the most gentle dog may unconsciously hurt the kitten with quick motions of its paws. Here you need the attentive control before your kitten grows and can protect itself.

New puppy in the family which has already got the cats

You should restrict the access of puppy to the rest of the house to avoid the destroyments in the house and following cats. Lock it in the cage for the time you haven’t opportunity to control it. When the puppy is next to you close the door to restrict its free walking about the house. When you take it into another part of the house take it bent. So you can stop it if it tries to follow the cat. From the first days let it understand it will not disturb the rest of the family. If you don’t know exactly how to do it or you meet some problems you should ask to a good trainer to help. Ask the veterinary or to the Animal’s Protection Committee to help. As a rule, they know who is the best professional trainer in your region.


The dog eats cat’s food

It is not difficult to stop. Either feed the cat twice a day in separate room where the dog can’t enter or lock the dog for the period of feeding the cat. If you dog walks in the morning and in the evening put the food into the plate before you are going out. Take the plate away as soon as you come back with the dog. It is painless and easy to do. Here is another way: when you come back home take the dog bent and stop it when it is trying to rush to cat’s plate. Instead of that order it to sit and give something tasty to it if it sits patiently. Dog will understand the reason of such case and will sit quietly waiting for something tasty.

Attacks to cat’s litter box

It is really unpleasant but practically usual problem which arises between cat and dog. The best way is to put litter box beyond dog’s accessibility. If the dog is little the most effective way is so put cat’s litter box in the bathroom. But don’t forget to take it out when you’re going to have a shower it will be the wonderful solving of very unpleasant problem.

The good way is a rope one end of which is bent to door handle and the other to door box. But the special door lock is better. Such variant is ideal because the door won’t be closed occasionally and the dog can’t open it easily. The more difficult but more useful way is to set special cat door. There are no reasons to use it inside the house.

Dog play too dangerous

Many young and quite nice dogs just play with cats some how dangerous. It is really their own case before some of them hurt the other. The majority of the cats can form clear borders themselves. But if you cut your cat’s claws, if it is patient and does not suffer during the friendly game with the very enthusiastic but a bit foolish dog you should better interfere and defend your cat.

There is another way which works perfectly: make your dog lie down. Playing dog, which is lying does it usually softer than the one which is jumping and rushing on the cat being standing. And if you insist on your dog lying down as soon as the game starts and thank it when it has lain the dog will soon start lying just feeling funny mood.

The other opportunity is to stop the game with the command “Stop it!”, and after that “Come here!” and “Lie!” This variant is better when during the game your dog loses its self-control. If it is difficult for you to manage your dog try to find regional dog training courses. I know you can think it is impossible to reach such control on your dog but we promise that it’s possible!

Cat is creeping to the dog

Some cats have fun creeping to the dog and troubling it. Dogs sometimes become very angry because of that so it is better for you to interfere and defend the dog. Water stream is the good punishment for creeping cat because it will change cat’s behavior and won’t get your dog afraid like the noise of siren or empty can filled with coins could. Watering the cat doesn’t say anything to it for it associates that punishment with the creeping to the dog.

Dog interferes between you and your cat

There is the strict and necessary rule in our house which says: any animal doesn’t interfere when we spend the time with the other animal. As soon as such rule is set any problem connected with behavior will be solved. Any animal which tries to get it’s head between some of the owners and the cat or dog must be stopped with words “Get out!” Don’t pet those who has interfered and don’t speak to it. You need no much time for they to understand they will get their part but not at the same time.

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