Cat has climbed the tree

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If your pet managed to climb the tree, in most cases it will climb down the tree by itself. The cat will climb down according to its own schedule and not according to yours.

Once a wonderful old male cat got into trouble. He climbed a large old oak-tree. Intentionally or not, there was a nest of jays next to him. A poor male sat on the first branch hoping to be left alone. He pressed his body to the tree and his magnificent black tail was hanging behind. He became an excellent aim for air attack. While one jay was whirling above his head, the other rushed down and grasped the cat’s tail. He twirled around trying to defend himself, but when the first bird flew away the second grasped his tail. The owners of the cat tried to do something, but in vain: he was too high and the birds were persistent. Half an hour later the male decided to retreat and climbed down the tree.

Most adult cats can climb down the tree by themselves. But kittens, fat and scared adult cats and cats without claws do not always succeed to get down. How to help them?

Give them time

It happens that your pet can find the way out independently. But not the cats without claws. Such cats, first of all, are not allowed out of the house.

Bring a ladder

Use a ladder only in case if you know how to do it and there is a person near to secure you. If you don’t know for sure how to do it the end may be tragic: you will need help yourself.

Ask for help

Call the local animal defense society, maybe they will help you or at least they know the person who will be able to do it. You may also appeal to people trimming the trees and bushes, firemen, roofers, chimney sweeps, builders and people of any other professions dealing with height — all of them can help you. Call everybody you know — many people love cats and will help you.

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