A cat climbs on different objects

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Many of us, owners of cats, had to run into accident which happened because of habit of cats to climb on every accessible surface. Teaching your cat to stay away from certain places is as simple as making these places unattractive for cat. One may assert an oblivions truth: if your cat doesn’t want to get into any place, it won’t get there.

How is it possible to make this or that place unattractive for cat? Here are two best methods: frighten it or make it disgust. Cats like neither first nor second method and when they run into them, they practically always retreat. If they run into one of these phenomena many times, they will always try to avoid the place.

The fright can be obtained by cans with coins or turned mousetraps. Leave cans with coins as if unintentionally on the edge of the surface, so they fall down as soon as your cat touches them. If will help to frighten your pet off this place. You may also stick a few cans together with a sticking ribbon and one of them, “the starting”, put on the edge. Put the other cans along the surface. When “the starting” can falls down, it pulls down the other cans and it will cause a terrible noise.

If you put several out-of-date mousetraps with latches upside down, it will certainly frighten many cats off. Any touch to the mousetrap will cause an unexpected click and will do no harm to your pet.

Provoking cats' disgust one may use unpleasant smell. Cats just can’t stand some smells. Repellents work perfectly, but you should use only indoors repellents. Other smells which cats don’t like are citrus deodorants and some perfumes. Every two days spray the smell on the surface and your pet will stop getting there.

As an alternative one may do such a thing: cover the surface with contact photo printing paper or two-sided sticking ribbon, and then your cat’s paws will stick to the surface. Cut out a piece of photo printing paper with its width the same with the width of the surface and its length a few centimeters more. From both ends leave approximately two centimeters, put the paper on surface lower side upwards, turn the ends down and stick them to the surface. Take the rest of the paper off.

Using sticking ribbon put strips along the surface. If you don’t want to stick the ribbon to the entire surface, put the newspaper under the ribbon except the ends. In this case you can stick the ribbon and easily take it off.

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