Babies and cats

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Often people who are going to have a baby refuse to have a cat. it’s not necessary if you follow some rules. I have got 10 month baby and he lives with my cat very well. it’s very necessary to follow simple rules of hygiene, don’t leave your baby alone with your cat, don’t allow cat to play with baby’s toys and sleep in baby’s things. it’s necessary to get acquainted your baby and your cat under care. Otherwise your cat will get acquainted with your baby herself. Of course, you don’t want it to happen, for example, at night or when you are absent.


Shvaika in chairThough cats used to the appearance of your baby easily, there is something you are to know. A baby has appeared in your family; your cat begins to make mistakes concerning her toilet, to stretch new things, to meow at wrong time, if means that she doesn’t get enough of your attention as before. If during your pregnancy you were poring a your kindness on your cat, and then took her away to the background when your baby had appeared, as a rule she will demonstrate her bad behavior. Before you baby’s birth you can do something to avoid mistakes.

Install mode

Cats adore a mode. If you conduct certain hours within a day for the nursing of cat and for plays with her and consider that these hours unchangeable and after the appearance of child, this will open ground for the smooth transition to new conditions.

Limit your attention to the cat

You shouldn’t pay much attention to your cat in order to compensate such attention, she won’t get the following month. It will be difficult for your cat to understand, why you don’t pay much attention to her. When you become parents, your time will be limited, that’s why try to excommunicate your cat of you, before baby’s birth. In this case your cat’s routine will be the same, and her stress will be minimum and you won’t face the problem of her behavior.

Confide cat’s access to your baby

May be you’ll want to put defense netting door to your baby’s room. It’ll allow you to hear his voice and cat cannot get to him. Cats in many cases love babies. The only thing that can trouble you is the friendly cat’s willing to sleep near or even on your baby (and she can smother your baby by accident).

Baby begins to walk

The main condition of your baby survival is supervision. it’s important for mutual relations of your baby and cat. Don’t think that your cat will endure your baby’s wrong behavior. There is one rule that you are to follow: look after your baby when he stays with the cat. You shouldn’t leave your baby with the cat or other animal without supervision! Babies aren’t going to hurt the cat but they haven’t necessary physical and psychological self-control. They are ruled by impulses as a result they can hurt the cat. Try to explain you baby that it’s forbidden to hurt the cat as a result your cat will never offend the baby. it’s necessary for cat to have her own room which the baby can’t come in. Your cat needs calm and safe place.


it’s a very pleasant time for a baby, his parents and a cat. Your baby is clever enough to communicate with the cat. it’s time for plays and intercourse. Besides it’s time when children like to help about the house. Allow your baby to take care of the cat. He can wash up the cat’s plate and fill it with water. Sometimes he can feed the cat, take off cat’s toys and calm her. But no child can take care of the cat alone. To look after the cat is rather difficult even for adults. You'd better share the duties between you and your baby. It will teach your baby to carry out his duties, share the responsibility with other people and to team together. And you'd better demonstrate such actions than tell about them all the time.

And one more important point. If your baby hurts the cat, that means he has some emotional problems. Practically each child makes mistakes, but if your child hurts the cat on purpose, please, go to the specialists immediately, and ask for help!

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