How to Change the Behavior

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Shvaika in 'lodge'There are a lot of ways of changing of cat's behavior. All of them can be divided into two groups. On the one hand you can make the behavior which you don't want unpleasant for the cat. On the other hand you can make desirable behavior pleasant for the cat. The best and the most effective way towards the improvement of the behavior is the wise combination of all these approaches.

You cannot force the cat of doing anything. Mind these words, if you want to understand this article. The ways of forcing the cat can be classified according to different categories, but all of them are supposed to convince the cat of doing something.

The most effective and human methods are those to convince the cat that all the changes you want to get are her own ideas. If your cat wants to help you, you will have success. Example.

You cat scratches the sofa. You cry, slap her, try to impose your will on the cat. You say: "I don't want you to scratch my sofa". But she will answer: "I like the sofa. I'll scratch it, if you don't like it, I'll scratch it when you are absent". The score is one to zero and your cat wins.

And now instead of scolding the cat be clever enough to win her support. First cut off her claws and follow them always to be cut well enough. Then buy a stand for scratching covered with necessary material. The stand must be as high as a sofa or a bit higher. If your cat likes mint rub it up on the stand. Praise and stroke the cat all time you see her near the stand. Put the stand at the sofa, which she likes to scratch.

Then put a trap on the sofa to prevent it from the further damage. There are a lot of ways of doing this. You, probably, prefer to cover it with double-sided adhesive tape. Bang on the wall every time you see the cat is scratching the sofa. You shouldn't say anything while doing it.

The sense of your words to the cat is: "That's a nice thins to scratch. It's pleasant to touch, it smells good, has convenient position and I praise you all the time you use it. And the old place you got used to scratch is no longer interesting for you. It's your choice". And the cat will answer you: "I'm not stupid! I like new thins you're brought for me. Thanks!"

The score is one to zero. You are the winner, by the way without any emotional losses for anybody!

Understanding of the Habit's Power

Cats are creatures that have certain habits. The best way to get rid of a bad habit is never to let it appear. Cats are in most cases tender animals, but they can be extremely unpleasant when you speak about the bad behavior. You can use it and develop in your animal the new habits that are acceptable for you.

Most of the animals and also cats do things that more or less bring them satisfaction. And help to avoid unpleasant moments. This may be such pleasure that is easy to understand (for example, when the cat is stealing a beefsteak from the table) or a little bit more complicated thing (for example, an understandable for people pleasure, which the cats experience when they piddle on the plastic surface). The attempt to avoid troubles may also be completely clear (for example, when the cat is running away from the little stream of water directed upon her), or not to simple (for example, if the cat protests when you take it on your hands in several hours after such on unpleasant thins as the cutting off her claws is). But nevertheless, the motivation of the cat's behavior is always clear - well, at least to the cat herself.

Cats never do anything just because they want to destroy your private property, or to upset you, spoil your life or embrace you in your friends' present, though it can happened. Please remember, that the cat how wonderful it were can watch the world with her own eyes and that her conduct is always limited by this.

Try to understand a cat's behavior from the cat's point of view, and you'll get real success in changing her behavior. If you try to look at this point of view of a human being it will lead you directly to the conflict, disappointment, misunderstanding and failure.

If you are arguing with your cat according to her behavior and your cat is standing on her point of view, please do stop! Sigh deeply, relax and try to estimate it again. If try to understand the cat's behavior correctly and have the right approach to the cat you'll notice instant changes with your pet. If not, you shouldn't continue to do what you are doing. It won't work. It's just the same that you are dialing the wrong number and waiting for the necessary opponent to take up the receiver. That won't happen! If you are dialing the wrong number please stop and call the phone service. And if you haven't any success with your cat stop and refer for help. In that case you and your cat will be happier.

Why not just to Beat Your Cat a Little?

If you beat your pet it will not work good enough especially if it's a cat. The cat will in most cases turn up and bite you and by the way you deserve that all right. It mustn't surprise you: why not to attack you in return after you have attacked the cat?

Well do you really feel good after having hit her? There exist an old axiom concerning the horse upbringing: "Violence begins in places where knowledge comes to an end". I've never heard better words. Violence is the loss of control which usually begins with disappointment. And while the animals upbringing in most cases means asking them to have a certain control over them (for instance, not to jump onto a kitchen table or to scratch only the cat's own stand) so how can you ask the animals to control themselves if you are not able to get control over yourselves? Don't hit the animals. You just teach them instead!

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