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Cat’s aggression can cause the fear with those who lives together with such cat. Aggression can vary from the playing attacks behind the sofa to serious attacks. To your safety when you learn something about cat’s aggression you will be able to stop it.

Though aggression isn’t wished in the human place it has many important functions in the wild animals' life. Aggression is the obligatory condition of hunting. Aggression is used by the cats for protection of their own territory, kittens and food and also for their self-protection. It is the part of the most of cat’s games and also one of the main parts of their sexuality. If to cooperate all these facts the term «to be aggressive» becomes a part of the term “to be the cat”. In the most cases aggression comes into one of the next main categories.

Aggression of protection

Frightened cat is the cat which is needed to be left alone. Don’t try to calm your pat, touch it or take it on your hands only with the exception of that causes when its life is in danger. Cat who loves you will act differently if it is frightened. You’ll stay face to face with the animal the only interest of which is self-preservation. Any attempt to calm the cat will be taken by it as a next danger. Give it the opportunity to hide. Let it run. Let it calm down.

If the cat in any case is close to run itself a risk you can stop it with the help of a strong cardboard box or a paper basket. But don’t forget that it also may frighten it and make it run away if it sees a flying box which draws near. Speak with a calming tone, move slowly and if it is possible hold the box for the cat cannot see but the best way is to leave the cat alone.

How can we understand that the cat is frightened? Frightened cat bends to the ground, ears are pressed to the head, pupils become wider, it can growl and hiss. It can even lay on the back like pose of obedience. But don’t believe this. It is not true.

The best medicine for the frightened cat is the time. In the moment of fright it is the time which cat needs to calm. In the connection with that what event, subject or animal caused fear your pet may need different periods of time to get used to it. Give it so much time as it needs. You’ll understand that the cat got calm when it becomes licking itself, let itself eat something or approach to you looking for you attention.

If the fear is too strong and you can’t destroy its reason and the cat, in general, cannot get used it, discuss it with your veterinary. There are some medicines which can help the cat to win its fear. Never use medicines occasionally or as a simple decision. Of course, never use them without doctor’s prescription but in any case they are useful. Better to treat the cat during some weeks or months before it learns to decode the new problem that to make it all this time, or even longer, live in fear.

Aggression which is caused by irritation

Aggression which is causes by irritation means the next: your cat is irritated and then it can bite and scratch you. A good news, if it only can be called so, is that usually such aggression can be stopped. During this aggression the cat doesn’t take out it’s claws or takes them out a little, and the bites, if they present, do not damage the skin.

The best way to win such aggression is to stay absolutely passive and to keep silence when the cat catches your hand. The complete passivity is the sign of submission. And that’s why most of the cats will almost immediately let you go showing its respect to this sign. If you begin to fight the cat will decide that you didn’t take its message which means “Submit me now!” and then aggression may become stronger. Now the case can come to the damage of skin.

Loud sudden noise can stop the cat and let it retreat. Clap your hand on the wall, table or any other firm surface near to you. It will frighten most of the cats and make them leave you alone. The quick air stream from the balloon with the compressed air will also make it retreat.

Some of the cats show such behavior seldom or even never. Others show it every time when your actions are more persistent than usually. And to act yourself more persistent is very easy. The classical case of aggression is that was caused by the irritation while you are stroking the cat. You are stroking it, everything is all right, and suddenly it turns to you and bites you. It goes quickly and suddenly. What had happened? The case is that your cat, as all we are, likes when somebody touches to it but not all the time. A moment comes when it doesn’t like it. Commonly we don’t get used to notice its signals. The main signal you have to notice is the kicks of the tail. If the cat begins to kick with the tail you'd better stop stroking it.

Such aggression has not any relations to love of your pet to you. Imagine such picture: your very intimate friend is sitting near you and friendly clapping you on your hand. It lasts five, or may be, ten minutes. Sometimes you take it good. But in other day you can say him: “Stop it!”. Your cat does the same. And there is nothing intimate here, it is your friend as before. But better ... Stop doing it!

The stomach of your cat is something like a big red button with the inscription “I’m going to bite you!” Some of the cats even turn on their backs and show their stomach to you. The owner thinks that it means the invitation to stroke this beautiful soft place. But you must understand this with the caution. Stroking of the stomach caused most of the cats to catch your hand with its front paws, to begin biting you on your arm and quickly beat you on your shoulder with its back legs. All such actions are very unpleasant. And I want to tell you again that if you stay calm and silent there are more chances for you that the cat would leave you alone than if you fight.

The patience of cats relatively to caress widely varies. Some of them enjoy caress, others need them during long periods of time. There are cats which just want to be near you and to lie on your knees but don’t want you to stroke them. If the cases are such get used to this. Your task is to observe and to learn and then to do that can get pleasure to your cat. The more you respect its wishes the more chances it be that your pet win become more patient.

Playing aggression

If the cat plays “hockey” with its paws, beats your hand with the back paws or jumps on you somewhere from the ambush all these cases comes into this category. In all the games aspect of sudden can be found. For example, you bring the clear linen to the bedroom and suddenly your cat jumps from behind the door. It can run to you sideways something bending its back and then turn and run away. Also it can grasp the nearest part of your body (usually a leg) and to bite it some times. The intensity of such bites may be different. It is connected with specialties of your cat and with the level of its excitement. Such kind of aggression becomes more intensive if you fight or squeal. And I won’t tell you again: be passive. The victim which doesn’t move is not very funny. To save yourself in such situation you must use the loud sudden noise as it was described before.

If you try to correct your cat in such situation that won’t be enough. Aggression is a symptom but not a real problem. The real problem which causes such behavior is unsatisfacted need in hunting. For the real solving of this problem you must spend some time with pet. Aerobic games, common exercises, rolling toys all these will help you to cheer your cat up without suffering from it. The best toys for cats of this kind are these that it can attack and pursue and also bite and torn. The example of the toy of the first type is any variant of toy on the rope or of toy like a line. The toys of the second type must be too large because the cat must catch them with its front paws and “kill”. For the setting such energy free the soft toys (animal on the rope) is often used.

One of the best ways to win playing aggression is to get yourself another cat which will be a friend for your pet. Let them cheer each other up and keep your legs further while they are playing.

Aggression to a new cat

A new cat comes to your house. You can wait for some cases of aggression. When the territory is divided and the process of meeting begins you can wait that the cats will hiss, bend their backs, fluff their fur, press their ears to the head and so on. There is usually more hissing in such cases than a real damage and the animals seldom have a contact with each other. The worst what can be here is a short fight which is followed by the quick retreat. There is no blood, only feelings are hurt.

From the other side in rare cases cats can seriously hurt the new animal. In such cases you must help them to reconcile with one another.

Territory aggression

Cats fight for the territory. For the males who are not castrated it is the way of life, the main concern and the favorite hobby. That’s why all the cats who live together with people must be sterilized. For cats males it is important from the point of view of their safety, and you won’t suffer from the unpleasant smell.

If your cat is likes to fight and you let him walk in the yard you have some variants. You may always keep him in the house. It will solve your problem with the 100 percent of success. If it is not able to meet “Ole One eyed” somewhere behind the bushes it couldn’t take part in the fighting in the nine hundred and twentieth time in its life.

If to keep the cat at home all the time is not a good variant then let it go out only during the day. The territory quarrels mostly comes in the night. If you feed your cat only in the evening it will come back home in time.

Think about the opportunity to make a fence for it in the yard for it cannot run away and for other cats cannot get into. It will let it spend the time in the yard without any risk that somebody may hurt it.

Sexual aggression

Cats are angry lovers. During the sexual act male cat bites female’s neck. Such kind of behavior can be called if to stroke its stomach. Stroking can call the aggression of different types but there is only one medicine against all those types: don’t stroke cat’s stomach. But you may not obligatory believe my words. Do what you want and your cat will teach you itself.

Fighting’s between the cats who live together

Most of the cats who live together become friends if they have time. Some of them become close friends, they sleep pressing to each other and lick one another tender. Others live keeping the polite distance and supporting truce.

In the most homes where some cats live from time to time they have quarrels like any company of friends but it is not very often. As a rule these quarrels are quickly finished without any blood. But sometimes there are real battles. Usually it happens after the sudden fright in which one of the cats accuses another. Here is an example. The book falls from the shelf and almost gets on one of the cats. It jumps aside and runs away squealing. During this it pushes another cat. The second thinks that it is attacked and attacks the first cat in answer. The frightened cat trembling with fear defends itself angrily. Here is a problem you've got.

Troubles like these can happen also after a sick cat come back home from the veterinarian hospital or when the longhair cat comes back from the barber’s. In both cases such cat can look and smell differently. The cat who stayed at home when recognize it and it will be frankly.

If the problems arise because of fear sometimes the only way out, is to let the animals have a rest for some hours. From time to time cats will get position of defense and look after one another attentively preparing for sudden attack. In this case give to each of them an isolated area. These areas must contain all the things which are necessary for your pet: cat’s toilet, food, water, bed, toys. Every day you must change their places to each other. After two or three days of such changing begin to feed them together in one room in different corners. And then put their plates closer to each other for some inches with each feeding. If in some of the moments you see that one of the cats becomes nervous put their plate again from one another on about 30-40 cm and leave them on this distance for three or four feedings again. After that continue to put the plates close to each other.

«Displaced» aggression

“Displaced” aggression takes place in the cases when somebody or something excites the cat and then it avenges its fury on the closest living creature. And you, to your unhappy, may become such creature. Here is an example. Your cat is looking from the window of the drawing-room into the back yard. He sees that the neighbor cat, which he hates, is crossing your yard. Your cat begins to glow. He is not joking. Here you come in to learn what happened. You bend ahead to lean your elbows on the window-sill near the cat. He turns and bites you too strong. You loudly scream and shake your hand. He bites you again and runs away.

You are shocked, your hand is in blood. Why did your favorite friend do that? Take courage! Though you were suffering this aggression wasn’t turned to you. Some cats when they have got the certain level of excitement avenge their fury on those who is closer to them. Most of the cats never do it. If the animal sterilized there are few chances that it can do it. My Shvaika never do this. But I know some people who suffered of such cases that’s why if you run into such problem you should know this.

For solving this problem you must certainly castrate the animal. If the aggression is connected with the window as it often happens make the window not accessible for cat. Lock it up in the room further from the window. Set on the window-sill traps with the help of paper for the contact photo printing or turning mouse traps. Close the window glass by something for the cat cannot see what happens outside. Be inventive but do it effectively. Such behavior is too frightful to limit your actions in a half degree. Don’t let strange cats walk in your yard. For this aim use the repellents for the open areas. Build a fence. But some cats can come into almost every fence. Direct on the stranger a stream of water from the hose, throw near it metal can with the coins from the window of your house. Don’t hurt it physically But morally as soon it appears in your yard.

If your cat is sad better to leave it alone. Use the other way when you’ll see that your cat growls looking at somebody.

Always take a small air siren with you. It is a power means for punishment both of your cat and of any other one which is near. But it is serious tool. Take it always near and use without any doubts if your cat looks as if it is going to attack you with the aggression. Stop to use siren at the same moment as cat looks aside from you. It must understand that you would stop the attack as soon as it stops its.

If the problems continue on ask for help to the professional immediately. Ask your veterinary if he can recommend you the consultant about animal’s behavior in your area.

Aggression which is caused by the pain

Very often cats attack because they were attacked by somebody. It is not hard to understand but people nevertheless can forget about it. They complain that the cat scratched or bit them but under the pressure they confess that they were angry when they had a contact with cat. If you beat the cat it means you hurt it. If you hurt it, in all probability, it will do the some. If in the past you or any other person hurt it and the cat sees that you approach to it being angry it can try to defend itself before it will be hurt again. From the cat’s point of view it is quite a clever plan.

To control this aggression you have to control yourself. Don’t frighten your cat and hurt it and only then you could win this type of aggression.

Sudden and unexpected aggression

If your cat suddenly becomes aggressive and you don’t have any idea why she acted so ask for the help of veterinary. The reason of such problem is the pain which arises because of some unknown illness. Such strange behavior can be caused by chemical or physiological upset. If you see that the behavior of your cat has no sense you must check this case up. If the veterinary says that the cat’s health is all right try to find the quality specialist on cat’s behavior. There is something wrong here.

Predatory aggression

Cat is a hunter. If you worry that your cat kills small animals then keep it always at home. You can’t do anything to forbid it hunting. If you try to do it your cat will avoid you. Of course, it would be good for the small animals to prevent them about creeping death. For this aim the a safety cat collar with the small bell on it will be perfect.

Medicine solving of the problem of aggression

To win the aggression of cat you may use many new useful medicines which are for sale. These new medicines are invented especially for solving of this problem. They have less accessory effects and more higher efficacy than the medicines which were used earlier. Even the term of their action is longer. If I have the animal which has no reaction on behaviorist approach I should use medicines without any doubts.

I won’t describe these medicines. It won’t be clever taking into account the fact that many new medicines are constantly invented. Just know that such medicines exist, they have a good effect, they will not hurt your cat and even may save its life. If you think that because of these medicines your cat may come to drug dependence and lose orientation then you make a mistake.

Killing an aggressive cat

It seldom happens that you have to kill the cat because of its aggressiveness but nevertheless from time to time it happens that this is the only way out. Please, give your animal all possible chances. Ask your veterinary to help you how to get to know about medicines you may use. Find the quality behaviorist or consulter on the questions of animals' behavior for they help you to teach your cat to good manners. But if you tried everything but nothing has helped then you must make a decision.

Such decision never comes easily. It doesn’t matter how many approaches you've tried. Almost every time you will hear some voice inside you which whispers: “What if...?” What would be if you consulted another doctor? What would be if your cat lived in another house? It is quite naturally to find the positive solution of your cat’s problem. It is quite naturally not to want to kill it. But sometimes it happens so that such decision is the best and merciful.

You may think that it will be not bad to give the cat to other people. It seems to be the easy way of solving the problem for not to make the decision which gets you in horror. But don’t do this! Because you are the most loving and tolerant owner for finding whom you cat can hope. And if you spent the time for reading this it means that you do more than other people could do trying to help their cats. If you give it to somebody there will be many bad results. First of all, there is no guarantee that the new owners will be as kind and tolerant as you are. It is certainly unacceptable to leave your cat to people who will beat it when become angry or even do something worse. At second, what will be if the cat hurt somebody, especially the baby? After that you’ll not only feel yourself horribly but also you may be accused of this. And at last, if these new owners give the cat to the shelter or to another owners it may happen that the cat will die somewhere in the cage, in isolation, in dismay and be killed by strangers.

Though it is too hard to do you must help your animal to leave this world in a mild and merciful way and it will be the last kind action you may offer to your four-legged friend. It will pass away in the hands of a man who loves it and there will be tender voice in its ears.

During some time you’ll feel yourself horribly. The length of this period is connected with your individual qualities. Some people spend in despair some days, others do it many weeks. Try not to accuse yourself. Whatever you do it is your decision and that is why it is a correct one.

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