Weaning a kitten

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The time of the weaning depends on different facts, such as the number of the litter, mother’s state, the existence and quality of the cat’s milk. The cat with little litter usually feeds the kittens up to 6-10 weeks, sometimes up to the birth of the new kittens. The weaning usually begins at the age of 25 days.

Choose milk mixture and count the amount for one feeding. Once again consult the producer’s recommendations and make sure that the mixture is for 3-4 weeks kittens (and junior). You can use dry or wet cat food. Daily kitten’s need of food depending on the age is given in the tables in the part “Artificial feeding”.

Kittens’ weaning

For the kittens to have a good appetite take the cat away 2 hours before feeding. After they have eaten you can put the cat back for additional feeding. For kittens’ socialization and avoiding behavior problems they should eat together at least up to 6 weeks age.

Dry cat food

Mix one part of the dry food with three parts of water or milk mixture. Warm up to the room temperature. Put the food into the little saucer. Put your fingers and give the kittens to lick them. Feed the kittens 3-4 times a day.

When the kittens have learnt to eat begin to reduce the amount of liquid in the dry food up to its complete absence. Usually the change for complete dry food occurs at the age of 7-8 months. The kittens suck mother’s milk less and less. You should reduce the amount of cat’s food if you haven’t done it. It helps to low lactation.

If the kittens over eat they can have diarrhea. It is connected either with kitten’s greediness or with bad assimilation of the food. In this case reduce the number of feeding with dry food and put the kitten to the mother.

Canned cat food

Begin feeding with mixing 2/3 canned cat food with 1/3 water or milk mixture. The kittens need a lot of water and lacking of it leads to dehidratation. Before weaning the necessity of water is compensated by mother’s milk. After weaning the kittens should have free access to the water.

The kittens eating concentrated balanced food for kittens don’t need vitamin-mineral additives, besides they are harmful in this case.

To stop cat’s lactation don’t feed her and don’t give her water during 24 hours. After that give her 1/4 need ration, the following day – 1/2, then – 3/4, and then feed her as a grown-up cat.

At the age of 10-14 weeks the kittens are susceptible to the infections of breath and digestive organs, because of lacking of colossal immunity taking with mother’s milk. Have fallen ill they begin to eat worse. Healthy kitten should put on weight 180 gr and more. The kittens stop growing become weak and it reduces their resistance for the decease. That is why such kittens need special care. First of all you should give them right feeding. Vaccination which has been done in time is the best preventive measures of dangerous decease.

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