Toilet training your cat

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In city conditions of keeping the cat any owner dreams to teach his pet to use the WC pan. Surely if the cat uses the WC pan stand instead of usual litter box, then the owner has almost no problems and troubles. He should only push the button and drain the water into the pan. To make that dream come true it is important to have patience and time. The last thing you need to complete the teaching, to make the cat understand what its owner need from it and learn to fulfill these needs.

There is a definite way of teaching cats to use the WC pan. You may use the points either separately or in the complex. We mean standard and alternative methods. You can learn about them in the following scheme. These methods may be realized if you have patience, persistence and time.

The necessary conditions: the door to the bathroom must be open; just after using the toilet by your cat you must clean it and change the contents in cat’s toilet basing or litter box with law sides; during the whole course of teaching the WC pan must be open and only the toilet sitting must be lowered down!

Standard method. On the first day of teaching put the litter box or basin with contents near the WC pan. Use the contents which your cat is trained to (it may be artificial contents which you've bought in the shop, sawdust, sand, sheets of paper and so on). It is necessary, because having more surface it causes the longer smell of urine and feces of cat.

On the second day put some unnecessary magazines or newspaper with two centimeters high above the floor under the litter box or basin. So, the cat will have to climb up higher than it did usual.

On the third, fifth and seventh days add 1-2 centimeters of magazines and soon, about the thirteenth day, the level of cat’s toilet and the level of WC pan will become equal. The speed of such constant growing of cat’s toilet depends on the age and weight of cat, and so on. The case is that cat will have to jump higher and higher every next day and cats like to jump. Remember that little kittens can jump not so high, so, don’t be in a hurry, but don’t forget that toilet must stand firm and be clean. All the other problems try to leave to your pet. But if you notice that the cat shows even a little protest while using the toilet, stop the procedure and don’t rise the toilet higher than the level which has made it hesitate, you mustn’t hurry during such lesson.

From the eighth day try to reduce the number of toilet contents on 50% and put the litter box or basin on the magazines with its one half and the WC pan with the other. Cat must jump up and down that surface. Remember that it controls position of its body and it won’t fall down into the WC pan, don’t worry!

After the 15-16-th days you may set the cat’s toilet just on the toilet seat and after 2-3 days after that just on the 17-th or 21-st day you may take cat’s toilet away. Before the end of teaching you may put some clear contents on the bottom of WC pan two or three times, and then you may not do that.

Making of such algorithm of your cat’s behavior mustn’t fail because, on one side, cats study well on their associations and repetitions of their actions and, on the other side, it is the method which has been tested many times. But if your pet opposes or doesn’t like something you should repeat some stages or use the alternative method.

Alternative method. In this case you’ll need the second toilet seat which is the same with the first one. It will be better if it hasn’t any differences with the seat which is set on the WC pan.

Approximately, before the 12-14-th days your actions must be the same as they were in the previous method. Then, when the heap of magazines is almost on the same level as the WC pan, you set the cat’s litter box on it and the seat overall constructions which must be attached firmly to magazines. The cat mustn’t push down its litter box and that other seat when it jumps. So, the both seats must be close to each other and on the same level. It is very important to the cat that the situation in the bathroom remains practically without changes. Look after the way the cat uses the new construction. As a rule, most of them walk on the seat, lay down on it to check the quality, then they find the firm place on the edge of the seat and hang their back part above the toilet.

It is necessary, that the cat repeats that procedure for some times and that chooses the suitable situation itself. Don’t hurry and watch attentively after your cat’s behavior. You may put some contains just into the WC pan as it is done in standard method. And, in general, be patient. Most cats learn how to sit on the edge of the seat only after some days.

The main thing is not to disturb the cat and to make a noise when it does its intimate actions. So, now you need no contains and separate cat’s litter box in your house. Everything you need is just to push the button after the cat’s actions. Now you needn’t to clean its box and the most pleasant thing that there isn’t any smell in your apartment!

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