Cat's litter box

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It is the most important subject for the long and happy relations between you and your friend cat. If it likes it everything will be all right but if it doesn't then prepare to wet spots!

Cat's litter boxes

Cat's litter boxes are different by their size and depth. In generally the more size of the box the better especially if it is a male kitten. You'd be surprised it knows how big he may grow. That is why your plans must be considered to that.

Cat's toilets may be of two main kinds: closed and opened ones. Closed boxes may be successful for the owners whose cats scatter their urine, squat at the edge and do urination or defecation not in the box, throw about the content with their paws or prefer to hide while doing their "work".

Closed toilets are not good only in two cases. The first that when you don't see the content of the box you may forget about it. We have seen more than we want to recollect such closed toilet boxes which were filled with the excrements so much that we couldn't imagine where the cat stood when she had entered into the box. The second case is when your cat simply doesn't want to use such boxes. I have seen some very high boxes with the walls and there were doors in its front walls. Such boxes would be good for owners who prefer the closed toilets for their pets but their cats refuse this. Such toilet are often advertised in the most of magazines about cats.

If your cat squats while it's urinating, doesn't throw the filling about and doesn't feel shy to use the opened box then you need don't the closed box. It is your own and your cat's own choice.

Fillings for the cat's litter boxes

It seems that every year in the market the new kinds of fillings for the cat's litter boxes appear. But what is the best for your cat? Mostly your cat will choose it itself. If it uses some kind of filling then it is that it needs. Let us discuss positive and negative sides of some kinds of fillings for you to be better informed.


It is a filling which is famous for a long time and is liked by cats. It is usually simply found and it is cheaper than the other fillings and many cats prefer to use it. It is a good product but from the other side clay is too heavy and some kinds make dust which is dangerous to your cat.

Let us say that, without details, clay differs depending on the geographical position and type. That's why if your cat really likes some kind of clay filling then try to use it every time. Don't think that all fillings are alike.

Fillings which make lumps

The advertisement of such fillings say that with their help the cleaning of cat's litter boxes will be the simplest case. We were said that in such filling the urine makes a lump which may be easy got out from the box with the help of scoop. No urine, no smell and you need not change filling weekly! As for me, I use such filling. But don't believe to the advertisement. The praised filling "Thomas" which costs here about $6 is only for ten days, I use Ukrainian filling "Bars". It cost only $3 for five kilogram packing and it is for a month. But it should be said that my cat may use such filling only twice. If I don't take away lump with urine I will be punished because my cat would do its "work" near the toilet.

We must notice that not all the cats like such kind of filling that is why let your pet choose.

Paper waste, edged cores of corn, wheat peels or woolen peels

All these fillings have the ability to biological decay and you may drain them into the wc pan. They are light and have a good ability to absorption. Most of them have a pleasant smell for cats. Some of them cats may easy throw about covering the excrements. All the fillings have their pros and cons.

Toilet: the choice of its place

For setting the cat's litter box you should choose such places in the apartments that the cat may easy get to, that are easy to clean and to air and where nobody troubles the cat. From the real life conditions you may decide either to set the toilet in one place or to set some in different parts of the apartment. It is better to set it in the place where the floor is often washed (in the corridor, in the kitchen or in the bathroom). If you have no opportunities to look after this place all the time then you must wash out soiling in each separate case and change beddings. For my Shvaika I set the toilet in the bathroom. The only problem here is that the door to the closet must always be opened. And one more problem is the line in the morning.

Cleaning of cat's litter box

The important hygienic meaning is to keep of the toilet bottom clean. You must change the bedding regularly, some times a day wash the bottom with warm water, these are actions to help the animal keep itself clean. Try to change beddings when your neighbors are not near. Many complications are connected with destroying of sand and sawdust. Never drain them into the toilet because they may soil the tubes. Sawdust may be burnt if you have a stove. The sand  must be buried if you have a ground plot.

The inhabitants of cities who have no opportunities see the only way out to use cans in the yard. But don't forget about your neighbors' noses which do not always understand those who loves cats! In such cases you'd better mix the excrements with the ashes to destroy the smell and not to attract flies. During the warm season you can pour them with the disinfections substance. The substances which contain chlorine are suitable for this aim. The simplest way is to destroy the paper of bedding. It may be burnt or drained into the toilet if the pressure of water is strong. The more comfortable is the toilet without bedding which demands the least of actions.

During the cleaning of toilet you must be careful if there are pregnant women in the house (See: Toxoplasmosis).

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