Racks for scratching

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The choice of the stand of scratching is your cat’s own business like you are the owner of the right for choice the razor or hairbrush. The range of cat’s preferences is very wide that is why let us discuss the most widespread variants for the cats which they like. The new kinds of stands are constantly produced but the good stands usually have the following qualities.

Shvaika scratch the sofaFirst of all, they must be firm. Cats don’t like the moving stands. That is why the good stand is motionless while cat uses it. That’s why stands for scratching which are hung on the door handles can’t be so convenient and useful for all cats as the motionless models which stands on the floor or attached to the wall.

At the second, the stands must be considerably high and long. If you want to know what is the best altitude then find the place which your cat likes to scratch most of all and measure its height. Why do you have to fight your cat’s knowledge about ideals? If you have got the new cat then measure the height of your sofa or arm-chair. As a rule, it is quite a clear figure. And, please, don’t throw away the stand for scratching when it begins to wear out. Like your favorite old jeans the stands for scratching become better when they looks worse.

Besides the height has the material which covers the stand also has the important meaning.

Cardboard covering

Some cats adore cardboard stands. Such small stands of rectangular form cost cheaper (especially in comparing with the leather arm-chair!) and are widely accessible. You may order them by post or buy at the shops for pets.

Wall-to-wall carpeting

Some cats prefer wall-to-wall carpeting. They like it very much and prefer to scratch only it and nothing else.

Sisal covering

It is an old covering and cats like it and enjoy it for many years. The only defect it has, to my mind, is that its fibers are usually situated horizontally but the scientists proved that cats prefer to scratch materials with vertically situated fibers. They like to scratch from top to bottom tearing the material to pieces. However, in spite of the situation of fibers of the material millions of cats use the stands with sisal covering and adore them.

Bark and wood substance

Many cats like bark and wood substance that is not surprised. Some cats prefer to scratch the old furniture, others like the wooden log which has been brought from the yard. To find such a log, of course, is not difficult but before taking it home make sure that it is not rotten or it doesn’t have any infection. Any log you have chosen should be attached to the wall firmly or set without any motions.

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