Which cat to choose

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It is a funny question. Which cat do you want to have? Let’s start from some obvious items.

Male cat or female cat?

All domestic cats should be sterilized (see: Neuter and Spay). After it the difference between sexes decreases. Both tomcats and pussies will be great, kind and devoted friends.

Longhair, shorthair or bare hair?

ShvaikaBare hair cats are the unique creatures in the world. They seem terrific to those, who love them. They like to cling close to people and it’s very pleasant to sleep with such cat near you, of course, the temperature of their bodies is higher than ours. Without hair, such cats remind us of a small purring hot-water bottle. It goes without saying, such cats do not lose their hair and you can hardly find a flea on them. Very often it’s a good choice to those, suffering from allergy. Such genetic creatures should be under our protection all the time. Keep bare hair cats exclusively inside.

There are many different kinds of longhair cats. Persian cats have soft hair, which becomes entangled when they sleep. These cats need every-day attention of their hair. Maine Coon cats and other similar to them have tougher hair, that’s why they don’t need frequent combing to remain lovely. If you want to buy a pure-breed cat, consult people who are engaged in breeding, and ask what do you need to keep such cat. If you buy a longhair crossbred cat be ready to comb it every day and glad if you don’t need to do it.

Shorthair cats are met most often. it’s easy to keep such cats. You should comb their hair only once a week except the molting season, then do it more often. You should also comb your cat more often if there are some clots in their hair. On the whole it’ll take you not so much time to keep their hair in order.

A pure-breed cat or a crossbred cat?

The majority of owners keep crossbred cats and that is not bad if take into account that every year millions of cats need homes.

Many owners know little about cats' breeding except Persian and Siamese cats but in fact there exist many different breeds of cats. And the representatives of which differ from one another by physical and mental qualities and by anatomical texture.

In general, the more your cat has got blood of oriental breeds the more active it will possibly be. With the activity you are sure to see its mental abilities and the wish to communicate with you and also the tendency to get in all sorts of unpleasant incidents. Besides, cats with a touch of Siamese breed and pure-breed Siamese cats are real “chatterboxes”.

A kitten or an adult cat?

Kittens are terrific creatures. They must be otherwise nobody will resign to their tricks during the first year of life and even longer. They fascinate you with their purring though they've just broken the old vase of your auntie. They get to the top by the curtains and jump from there to your shoulder and poke their small nose into your ear. Time, when your cat is a kitten, is the best and the worst at the same time.

Cats, like good wine, in time become only better. Pride and decencies to some extend overpower their curiosity and activity. They sleep a lot, quite often more that 15 hours a day. It you've chose a friendly cat, it will remain friendly for years. Cats live long, more than 10 years, sometimes 20 years. A 5-year-old or a 6-year-old cat may be your real friend for 10 or more years.


I was the owner of many cats with different coloring and I must say there is no difference between them. Only one cat I Should advise you to stay away from - it is snow-white cat with blue eyes, it is inclined to deafness. But if you are crazy about cats, such thing as coloration doesn’t matter. Every animal is wonderful if you are looking at it with love!

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