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The most peculiar characteristic of cats is that no one knows what’s in their mind.
Once a Man decided to turn a Cat out of the house.
“Wait”, the Cat asked and invited a Lion as a distant relative to visit its place.
The Lion came with reluctance and suddenly saw the Man.
“Why, what is he doing here?” the Lion snarled with fear.
“He is my servant”, the Cat answered, “he walks on his hind and gets food for me”.
“Wow!” the Lion thought, “what a servant!”
“Wow!” the Man thought, “what a relative!”
“Aha!” the Cat thought and to this day it lives in the Man’s house.
Lev Gavrilov “The Man and the Cat” (fairytale)

Welcome to the fascinating and mysterious world of cats. This site is for those who can see something special in cats. Here you can find:
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