Kittens staying at home the whole working day

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Kittens and cats have the reputation of the animals which can spend much time alone without any problems. It's true. They really can do it but it doesn't mean that it's easy for them. Especially, it concerns such active and people oriented cats as Siamese Abyssinian.

KittensIn fact, kittens wish to contact and they need it. The other point is that you have to work for bringing canned food home for your kitten. How to solve this problem?

The best decision for everybody who is interested in it is to take or to buy two kittens. They will play with each other while you are out and, with its help, avoid stresses in their life. If you take two kittens from one mother it will be easier to them to relate with each other.

If you can't take two kittens, don't be sad. You can do much for your the only four-legged friend would be happy.

Accustomizing of the kitten to company of people

The more different people your kitten sees the easier he gets accustomed to them. Invite people who love cats giving them your kitten favorite food and toys. Soon your kitten will tremble impatiently and run to the door hearing the doorbell to see who's coming to visit him!

Of course, you should do it in such a way your cat act itself and show the greatest respect to any doubts and fears which it has. Encourage it, tempt it, but never make it do something, frighten it or hurt it!


Kittens which spend much time alone need regular access to food and water. We recommended to put dry food for the whole day or to use automatic feeder what puts the next portion after regular time. You can buy such feeder in special pet shops.


Everybody can be bored and you cat is not an exception. Set special stool near the window for it can see the street. Turn the TV- or radio set turned on quiet program (classical music or discussion) and the volume not very loud. Change the toys for kitten every two-three days.


Exercises are one of the best ways to relax. Kittens which stay at home alone for the whole day are usually suffered by nervous stresses. So you have to provide him intensive physical exercises just one time a day. It will help him to relax and to spend these lonely periods. The best way is two groups of exercises a day, 10-15 minutes each, the first one in the morning and the second in the evening. Many elements of aerobics are to be included. If the kitten jumps after the toy or on the toy you are pushing on the floor it will be a beautiful game. Watching is as funny as to play it yourself.

The best time

If you've got the only kitten, especially if it is too little, try not to leave home as soon as you have come. It's very painful for the animal what that has been waiting for you the whole day. Be careful while following this rule. Try to go out home on days off or invite friends to your place.

The nice way to spend time is to take care of kitten's fur. He will wait impatiently for some minutes you are going to spend together and I suppose you will wait too.

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