Ode to imprisonment

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If you want you kitten to be safe when you can’t look after him and also lessen the damage that could be caused by your pet to your house, and if you want to develop his good habits you should put your kitten to “imprisonment”.

ShvaikaThe big cage, so big that it can contain kitten’s bed, his plate and toilet, or the bathroom can be places of imprisonment. For every day use I prefer the bathroom. But before using you have to make do it safe for the kitten. Bathroom is an ideal room because it has filed floor. That’s why such floor is easy to wash if it’s necessary and it is not attractive as a toilet for most kittens.

To make your bathroom safe you have to put out all the things from the surfaces. There is no doubt that the kitten will get those places you were thinking about “So, here it would never get!” Take away soap, shampoo, razors, toothbrushes, all accessories, plants, deodorants, caps, and so on. Take away carpets and mats.

Be sure that the wardrobe doors are well closed. If you can’t close them well set the lock from the inner side of them or bind them with a rope, or set the hook - in general, do everything for the door couldn’t be easy opened!

Push the shower curtain up for the kitten can’t climb it up. Shut the shower door. Shut the toilet for it wouldn’t become a swimming pool.

Take the toilet paper away because the kitten will tear it into small pieces, it is guaranteed. We used turned coffee can for to cover toilet paper but this hardly could be called “high fashion”. The most departments of the department stores which sale bedroom and bathroom accessories have the special nice coverers for toilet paper.

Now, when you've made your bathroom safe for the kitten, it’s time to make it convenient for your pet. The plates for food and water should be put as far from the toilet as it’s possible because nobody likes to eat near the toilet. The scratch stand should be set near the kitten bed. The wish to scratch just after the cat has woken up often arises, that’s why such close position to bed would be very comfortable.

You should also leave safety toys for the kitten. it’s necessary to take all ropes, wires and ribbons away. The kitten can tear them into pieces and swallow. Kittens, especially if they are alone, like the sheep-fur toys which are made for dogs. They are too big to fight with them, to sleep with them. it’s not difficult to take care of such toys: just as they have become dirty throw them to wash.

Radio when it is turned on a nice sounded wave could be a good companion to kitten. Put it on the floor, or fasten it to the surface it would stand on because it may fall down with the help of kitten. Use the handle radio set and if it has wires cover them with anti-chewing remedy. Wire chewing is dangerous and, it’s a pity, favorite entertainment of kittens.

What you need for taking the kitten home.
Plastic cage.

it’s possible that your kitten will hinder you to drive the car, it may creep under the sitting place, get wounded if you stop, quickly and suddenly or to creep gut the barely opened window. it’s better to take it inside the cage while you have not got home.

Paper towels.

We always have a couple of dozens paper towels.

Smell killer.

You’ll be surprised when you learn what terrible smell may be caused by the kitten’s actions. Take with you the battle of some good smell killer which you've bought at the shop.

Spare towels and plastic bags.

You'd need both of its necessary to throw the dirty towel out.

Plate and water.

Cold water is often necessary while the long way home.

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