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PlayingThe most pleasant what I can say about the best kitten toys is that the most of them are very cheap. To your happiness, the cats are pragmatic animals and they have no aim to rise up the social stairs. And why do they need it if they are upstairs already! So the price for the toys is not interesting for them. You can’t say that there are no expensive and beautiful toys for cats practically in each pet shop in this country. Of course, you can find them here. We just want to say that the cats enjoyed themselves long time before the appearing of such toys. There are many old but favorite toys which had been enjoying kittens and their owners many years ago.

Ping-pong balls

The simple ping-pong balls are the favorite toys for kittens. They are light, they make much noise and easy to move. The only package of such balls will give many hours of happiness to your kitten. Go to you favorite sport ware store and buy some boxes with balls. You’ll see advantages!

Paper bags

Paper bags (but not plastic ones!) which are taken at the grocery are one more way to spend the time. Put the opened bag on one of its side and put its bottom out. The beautiful way to start the joy is to push the ball into the bag. After that move the bag somewhere to the corner for nobody will stand occasionally on your kitten if he decides to come into the new toy house.


The kittens may use boxes in different ways. They could be beds, forts or just sets. Turn the box with its bottom up and cut the hole in it for enter. You can also make two doors and put the toy on the rope inside the box. It will cause the cat’s interest. Or you may cut many doors and push the ping-pong ball forward and back.


The twinkling spot of light in the mirror what somebody takes in hands or light of street fires in the dark room will be good for you and your pet. Cats and kittens don’t know that the spot of light couldn’t be caught. Such fact makes that spot even more attractive for them. Try to do it!

Foil or paper balls

Foil balls are light, they are interesting while moving, and it can be easily caught by the paw. Such balls give to kittens many happy hours. But don’t use the foil you have used for cooking. The case is that the kitten must play with ball but not to eat.

Empty spools from threads

After the spools began to be used for threads the cats gaily push the empty spools about the house. Use only the empty ones because the threads may tangle in the stomach. Be glad if everything is OK! Spools may be of different size, weight and form for kitten can play with them for a long time.

Vine bottle corks

Corks are the wonderful toys! it’s very interesting to run after them, they are so soft that the kitten can bite them or scratch and so light for throwing them up. If your kitten is one of those who likes to tore the things for pieces, be attentive how it plays with cork. There are few chances that it swallows the big piece but why you need such problem? For most cats it has been just a fun for a long time.

Rolled sock

Roll the sock. Put some cat mental inside if your pet likes it. After that push the sock on the floor. Cats which like to attack the victim, bite it and push it with the paws will get the great pleasure of such toy. If the kitten is too aggressive, take the bigger sock, put some dusters inside tangle the rope to it and push it on the floor. It is so big for the kitten to tear it with the back paws holding with front ones. Such toy is good for aggressive cat.

Danger! Plastic bags!

Plastic bags especially those are used at the grocery, make the excellent noise when cats jump on them and can make exciting waves but ... never let your cat play with such bags. Cat can die in such bag for the lack of air and this really happens with cats every year. Keep such bags in the boxes which are not accessible for cats.


During hundreds years cats have been playing with the rope which somebody was pushing on the floor. If you look at your cat attentively then such game will be a beautiful training and frankly speaking it is just funny. But...

Precautions: never leave your cat alone if there is a rope somewhere near it. If it swallows even a short piece the rope can tangle in the intestine and this may cause death. So when the game is over take the rope into the box or into the wardrobe. If your kitten begins to chew the rope seriously you should stop the game that day. As many other toys ropes are good if to use them consciously and to follow all the precautions.

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