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Kittens always mean disorder Kittens always mean disorder. They are charming, funny, active, wonderful, purring, sometimes making light troubles little devils that rule in your house with “iron paw”. After appearing in your house they know only what the kitten may know. For example, they know such important things as that the food given to them on a source or a plate is for eating. All vertical things, like trousers, are for climbing up them. Almost all the subjects are for running after them. Your legs are especially to attack them from the ambush. And you are the best friend for your cat, the most comfortable place for sleeping, the defender who always reliable, the regular supplier of feed, the best partner for games, and also the best thing what the cat likes to mark with smell.

Their pranks which irritated you only ten minutes ago have no reason now when the little warm clew press to your neck and purrs loudly, or when you feel little claws thrusting your leg like sharp pins and hurt you with pleasant pain, or when you hear the quiet meow of temporary lost friend who’s looking for the only man! This is the full compensation for that you have to run after the kitten, to drive it away, to clean after it.

Enjoy this period without restrictions but don’t let the kitten make chaos, as far as possible. For this aim you have to plan beforehand and to take everything that should be as normal. Kittens explore everywhere and everything they can. They come inside, behind, under and on the things. They chew plants, electric cables, ropes and brushes. They are night animals and they get used to night madness and to early morning “singings”. They want to climb everything up: from shower curtain to the most valuable curtains. So, be ready to understand everything and to plan everything beforehand and this difficult time will be wonderful, funny and safe for you.

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