The first night

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Oh, this first night! How it is beautiful to sleep during the first night the kitten spends in your house. However we don’t think you manage to take a nap. Your kitty is a stranger in the strange country. it’s possible that he will play the insomniac or, at least, sing the sad ballads out the closed door.

Depending on your temperament you have two ways out. it’s possible to prepare the special room for kitten, to set radio set there, to turn it on quietly and to leave the kitten there for a night. If you put the old jersey or sweater on the bottom of small box or basket it will be the best bed for him. The warmth helps to fall asleep, so if you put there the warm hot-water bottle covered with towel it will help to the baby to sleep in comfort.

At first he during some nights, perhaps, will cry and scratch near the door. Don’t pay attention to it. I know that it’s difficult but if you let him go out he will stick to you more. Next time he will cry longer and louder trying to get freedom. The best way of behavior here is the next: pay him more attention, play with him and embrace him in the evening and then take him to bed. He has there everything he needs. Tell him: “You are safe, everything is OK, go to bed!” The soon he understands that the night is the time for sleeping the better it will be for you.

And here is the second variant: you can let your kitten sleep with you. Nothing can help to feel friendship between you and your kitten like this. But there is the other side there: the best variant of it is that you will sleep only for some time. The cats are the night creatures and at three o'clock in the morning your pet can scratch your toes with its claws, lick your ear or play “hockey” with your hairbrush.

You may choose yourself. Both ways are good.

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