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We promise you that your kitten will get into such places which you couldn’t even imagine. There are classical difficult situations your kitten can get. It can stuck behind the bookshelves which you practically can’t be pushed from their places, get into the springs of old trunks, climb up the warm car motor or stop motionless behind the refrigerator. And these are only a few problems from the endless list of them. Look through the chapter Dangers.

Jumps from closetBe ready to the appearance of the newcomer. Look around the whole house thinking about the kitten. Block the ways to all such places if it’s possible. For this aim the small cardboard boxes are useful cut so that they can block those ways. Don’t let your kitten climb up to the large pieces of furniture because it’s difficult to take them of their places. If you can’t block the way put the two-sided glue tape or the piece of photo-paper with its glue side up and you will restrict your kitten from the following explorations.

And now check all the horizontal surfaces. Take off and hide all the little things which are easy to play for the kitten and also the things easily broken. Lamps and other necessary things should be glued with special substance “Velcro”, two-sided glue tape or botany glue. Check your book holders, be sure that it’s difficult to push them from their places. The rain of falling books may hurt your new little “dynamo-machine”.

Put your curtains on the cornices and leave them there for first several months to be out of the reach for your kitten, which adores creeping on curtains. If you buy the special stand foe creeping with shelves for sitting you can satisfy the needs of your kitten in creeping. The kitten will creep on it  and it will be the toy you won’t be sorry for. Are they expensive? Some of them are, but not as expensive as the new curtains.

Besides, learn what was the food of your kitten and what was the toilet containing where your kitten lived before. Prepare both of them. The change of house is a strong stress so don’t add one more connected with change of food and toilet containing.

Buy the additional photo film. Later you will thank us for the advice. Your cat will grow and become adult proud animal and then it will be hard to recollect that it was the silly fur ball long ago. Besides, and it’s more important, that the pictures are useful in case you lose your kitten. In such cases one picture has really more value than thousand words.

Equip the room. If your kitten has its own corner it won’t help it to feel assurance and safety, but it will help to avoid bad habits. Ask any smoker, and it will answer that it’s easier not to start smoking than to quit doing it.

Buy anti-chewing remedy at the pet shop. Such remedies are usually called “Bitter apple”, “Sour grape”, “Bitter lime”. Splash the telephone cable and all electric cables with the remedy before the kitten appears in your house. Repeat the splashes every week or more often if it’s necessary. The kittens enjoy chewing different cables so the quicker they understand that the taste of cable is horrible the safer they will be. Chewing of cables can be fatal for the kitten and the telephone is suddenly turned off, of course, it makes you angry. Here are some other safety measures: attach the cable to the wall with the nails, put them into plastic tubes or reel them off if they are too long - so you’ll avoid the opened cables which are very attractive for kitten.

The most dangerous cables are those attached to small electric sets, such as lamps, hair dryers or the worst: irons, all these things are fatal dangerous to the kitten. But heavy things put on the tables are dangerous too. Such things can fall if pulling the card, so be careful!

Attaching of locks or snaps on the doors of cupboards is the wonderful precautionary measure, especially if you keep there some dangerous things. Everything you would hide of your child you have to hide of your kitten too, for example, cleaning remedies, paints, herbicides, insecticides, medicines and common chemical remedies. Kittens and cats more often suffer from poisoning because they often lick their paws and skin. Everything they touch they swallow at long last.

Antifreeze is the fatal dangerous remedy. Now some less toxically kinds of it are for sale, so try to choose them. Persist that your mechanical engineer use them. Do not subject to risk those, who you love.

If you have some occupation or sew put it off for the next time. Don’t hope that the closed door will protect your kitten. The door can be occasionally half-opened. If the kitten swallows needle it will not be funny. Even if the kitten gets out of your basket with needlework having not been injured you can’t be sure that you work hasn’t been damaged. If some things are very important for you try to protect them. You should not think about what your kitten could do but what it can do everything.

Look if the wardrobe boxes are always closed. If one of them is opened push it back carefully. If the little kitten creeps into the back side of a wardrobe you may hurt itself pushing the box back too quickly and sharply. When I was a child I together with my relatives often saved kittens from the secluded corner of the desk where they had become prisoners. We heard quiet “meow-meow” but only some minutes later we could find the prisoners.

Set the protecting nets or the second frames on your windows. Kittens may fall out of the window and they really do that every year. It usually causes serious injuries or even death. Prevent this immediately!

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