Whether your cat clever

the test for cats older than one and a half

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1. Is your cat the slave of its habits? Does it adhere to the regulations of sleeping and feeding?

A. It has the severe regulations which it always adheres to.
B. It knows the time of feeding well.
C. No, it is individual in everything.

2. Does your cat express its unpleasure if it doesn’t like the food you gave to it?

A. Yes, it sits down to the plate demonstratively.
B. It doesn’t eat such food.
C. No, it eats everything we have given to it.

3. Does it like music?

A. Yes, and so much that it tries to dance.
B. Yes, but only “The Beatles”.
C. It doesn’t like music at all.

4. How long can your cat lie motionless if it doesn’t sleep?

A. More than two minutes.
B. About thirty seconds.
C. It is too active to lie quietly.

5. Does your cat demand that you should play with it?

A. Yes, and it does it persistently.
B. I often can’t notice that it wants to play.
C. No, it doesn’t try to play with me.

6. Does it express mood?

A. I know about its mood looking at its tail.
B. If it in blue mood it secludes itself.
C. No, it doesn’t express its mood.

7. Tickle your cat carefully behind the ear. What is the reaction?

A. It begins to scratch the ear with the paw.
B. It shakes itself.
C. It begins to purr and endear to you.

8. How does your cat respond to scents?

A. It depends on the kinds of scents. The “scents” from perfumery to exhaust gases cause the different reactions from pleasure to disgust .
B. My cat feels only the scent of food.
C. No reaction. It hears better than scents.

9. What is the reaction of your cat to the unknown thing which is lying before it?

A. It prowls and touches it with the paw.
B. It carefully takes it into the mouth and takes away.
C. It gnaws it trying if it is edible.

10. Have you tried to train your cat something?

A. Yes, it has already learned to stay on the back paws during 5 minutes.
B. No, it is not useful for the animals.
C. No, my cat would never do something like that.

Now, count the number of “A”.

More than 7 “A” answers

My congratulations. Your cat is very clever. It has large intellect, independence, wide emotions and it is easy taught.

In any situations it may cause your positive reaction. It controls its body perfectly, it is very attentive and closed to its owners. In general you are lucky to have such a pet.

More than 5 “A” answers

Your cat can easy orient in the environment. It is sure of itself and easily communicates with others. It knows what it wants and can gain the aim. But it has more potential and if you develop it you will get the positive results. So, it may get more with your help than itself.

Less then 5 “A” answers

Your cat is the original animal: its specialties are partly not normal. Perhaps, you live friendly together with it because you've got used to its specialties. Perhaps, it is clear for you that it is more helpless than its “relatives” and it can’t always understand the situation clearly. But even if it never works in the circus and demonstrates the achievements of training, you should love it because it exists.

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