What did the cat say?

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Do you always understand what the melodically purring or angry hissing of your pet means?

Answer the questions of the test-game choosing one variant of three and check how you know your cat.

When the cat touches to your cheek with its snout it:

When the cat smells the track or the thing, it rises up his neck and makes funny faces. That means that:

When the cat is afraid its pupils

When two cat-friends they meet each other they

Cat doesn’t feel one of three tastes. Which of them?

When the cat is looking how you eat and tries to steal something, you think:

You forbid entering one of the rooms to your pet. If you forgot to shut the door the cat:

For sharpen its claws the cat uses:

Cats have strong muscles, that’s why they can jump up higher themselves without run. They jump higher themselves in:

Cat’s favorite toy is:

What does the cat do when it meets obstacle on the way?

Not to suffer from the heat in summer, the cat:

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