Can you keep a cat?

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Choose the answer "A" or "B" and then count the points. The results are after the test.

A. If I want to listen to the loud music I put on the headphones - 2 points

B. I can't refuse from the habit not to push the boxes back - 0 points

A. My favorite arm-chair is only my property - 0 points

B. I'd let my favorite place to someone else with pleasure - 1 point

A. Sometimes I would not refuse to purr with happiness - 2 points

B. You won't make the shirt from tenderness only - 1 point

A. The last word is always mine - 0 points

B. To give is as important as to take - 1 point

A. I am responsible only for myself and I like only clearness - 0 points

B. I have the necessity to tell somebody about my problems - 1 point

The result is 8-7 points: if you haven't yet got the cat it is the time for you to get it. It will decorate your life and you will do the same.

The result is 6-3 points: yes, you may have got the cat but you have to learn from it, for example, to be patient.

The result is 2-0 points: don't do it. It will spoil either your life or the cat's one. It is necessary for the cat to feel good every time. That's why before you take the little fluffy lump home ask yourself if it is necessary?

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