Do cats sweat?

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Shvaika coolled Have you ever seen the cat covered with sweat? The warm energy of cats, like of dogs, would hardly turn into sweat because there are few sweat glands. It seems that dogs do not pay attention to this fact and run very quickly either in hot weather or in cold one. But after that they fall tired and breathe quickly with wide opened mouth and put out tongue trying to cool themselves down. It corresponds to their hunting methods. The wild dogs usually catch up their preys while the cats steals up to them.

One of the main functions of sweat secrete is to cool the animal down: when the thin wet surface evaporates, the warmth gathers from the skin and it courses cooling down.

The cats pays more attention to themselves than dogs and they won’t run in hot weather without any reason. Besides while resting it tries to take the position which excludes over heating and that is why the constant low speed of exchange of substances remains. The control of body temperature depends on the choice of the place by cat. In a warm day the cat will often go from the sunny place to shadow and back to keep inner comfort. In general, the more your cat takes care of itself the longer its life will be and it will be longer than the dogs life.

If the cat had lost its sweat glands the attention to its inner temperature is very important. Everybody, who was the witness of terrible pains of cat what has overheated after long being situated at the hot place and couldn’t change the temperature of its body with the help of regulation of air temperature, understands this. The short and quick breathing and wide opened eyes could hardly be forgotten.

Cats have some sweat glands which are situated in such places as cheeks and lips, around teats and between the paws cushions. They are also mixed with the greasy glands near the anal glands.

The pose of cat during the rest can be the good indicator which shows the difference between cats own temperature and air temperature around. If the cat coils up then it is cold and if it stretches on the floor then it is hot. Also it is clear when the cat sleeps near the fire or demonstrate its belly to the sun. and if the temperature is between those positions the cat can partly coil up.

But the cat’s skin is almost indifferent to heat or cold. It can normally take the temperature which is unbearable for people, for example, it can walk on the red-hot tin roof.

But the nose and upper lip of cat are very sensible to the least changing of temperature and can be considered as the outer thermometer.

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