Extra sensing abilities of cats

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Shvaika washed During the World War II radars on the southern coast of England controlled the air territory of France to protect from fascists bombers. Acoustic posts and professional “listeners” crossed through the sky searching the signs of the next bombing. But many citizens had found that the more sensible and reliable system of early preventing of danger lies near their warm fireplace.

Cats, as it was found out, have the unreal ability to have a presentiment of the death what is going to fall from the sky. Most of them began not only to find the signs of danger long before the sirens but, it means, they knew what family is in danger at that moment. Their fur stood on they uttered hissing sounds, angry, irritate screams, and some of them rushed into the nearest air-raid shelter.

During the war this ability to predict future was so valuable that the special medal with the words “We serve our motherland too” was founded. With this medal those cats who did help to save men lives were rewarded. it’s a pity but I have no materials about acting of the cats during bombings of our cities in the period of the Great Patriotic War. But I would be very glad to receive the any information from eyewitnesses.

Black-and-white cat Sally living not far from London docks made the wide system of informing with the help of which its owner and neighbors had got into the air-raid shelter before the bombs began to fall. Feeling that the bombing was near Sally ran to the stand in the hall where the gas mask hung and began to beat it with the front paws, after that she came to her owner and began to scratch her. Then she rushed in the yard and began to scratch the door of air-raid shelter. One day, when the owner went into the shelter, Sally jumped the fence, ran into the neighbor yard and began to meow loudly with the aim to pay their attention. And only when all of them was in the air-raid shelter Sally stopped and quietly fell asleep.

Cat-mothers used their extra sensing abilities to protect their kittens. The woman who lived during the War in Plymouth told that long before the voice of sirens her cat took carefully the kittens and removed them one after another from the basket into the big room under the protection of wide and firm ceiling.

Once more interesting story came from Portsmouth which was he large target of Luftwaffe. One day the owners left for their work and locked the cat and kittens at home. Feeling the danger the cat ran around the room trying to find the exit and then it found the half-closed window in the bathroom. It was too high to jump into the garden besides there were no trees or water pipe which could be used like the stairs. Then the persistent cat noticed the telephone cable near the window and that thin wire became “the life road” to the cat. Having been taking the kittens out of the basket what stood in the kitchen she removed them upstairs and then on the window-sill one after another. Then she walked with the adroitness on the cable taking each kitten on the neck up to the telegraph column. Then she climbed down into the garden and put the kitten on the sack in the shed. She came back house for the last time and brought out the last kitten; the procedure was finished. Soon the bomb fell near the house and it was much damaged. The kitchen where the cat and the kittens lived was covered with the pieces of glass and broken plaster. If the cat didn’t feel the danger she and her kittens would get the serious or even fatal damages.

But, nevertheless, we must say that not all the cats used their abilities so noble.

One family in Sussex was very much surprised when their cat Timothy refused to follow them into the shelter after the siren signal about air attack. But when the all clear signal sounded they understood the reason of his absence. The cat, what usually had the diet of cheap fish, found that the family left on the table four tasty dishes without eating them. Perhaps, Timothy knew that neither he nor the house would be damaged because he stayed at home and ate those dishes!

These war stories are good examples of cat’s ability to predict future and foresee danger and these unique abilities have no rational explaining. But in practice there are some convincing theories which explain almost all their extrasensory abilities. Although they do not reduce the role of cats as the useful assistants of man. Because, as we have read, cats often use their unreal extrasensory abilities for saving human lives. Sometimes they foresee the events long before they happen either the natural cataclysms or serious incidents. But often their prophecies are more “earthly” and they concern to trivial events, such as, for example, changing of the weather or arrival of unexpected visitor. Really, if you know what to wait and have the ability to understand the changing of cats' behavior which can be classified as prophecy then you may use your cat as the magic crystal sphere and, perhaps, prevent some dangers which are creeping to your family.

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