How to cure the cat

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Before the beginning of such dangerous procedure make sure that you have all necessary equipment such as rectal thermometer, oil, paper towels, spirit, clock and a big towel for covering your cat.

First of all, shake the thermometer. Then oil its tip. Now take the cat. Don’t wait for it will enjoy such idea. Take a big towel and cover your pet with it firmly winding round the neck and body. Now pick up its tail and put into rectum oiled tip of the thermometer. Put it softly but just into the center of the hole. Your cat will oppose for some seconds but it is quite normally, isn’t it? Then the thermometer will slip inside. Don’t push it too deep it must be inside not more than in one inch. If your dismiss the thermometer it may slip outside or vanish into intestines! The last happens seldom but if it happens don’t try to get it out yourself. Get your cat just to veterinary. Because if the glass thermometer brakes inside the cat it would be real disaster. But this will not happen, if you hold the tip of thermometer which sticks out of cat’s rectum.

Let the thermometer to stay there for two minutes. Then slowly take it out, dry with the paper towel and watch the temperature. Normal temperature is between 38,2 and 38,9 Celsius. There can be some nature oscillations and digressions which are connected with level of cats excitement, with the temperature of the environment, physical exercises and so on. But if the temperature is above 39,4 Celsius or below 37,8 Celsius then call on your veterinary! But if it is above 40,6 Celsius then it is the complicated lose!

After this write the results on the paper (if you don’t want to forget them and to repeat procedure again!), dry the thermometer with the spirit and put in on its place.

Before to let your cat go, as always, stroke it and speak to it tender for some time. It well to let it to calm down.


To give medicines to your cat is not the most funny action you have to do. But there are some ways which help to make easy this process for all who take part in it easier.

How to give pills to the cat

It should be said that to give pills to the cat who doesn’t want to do this is not a pleasant action. To make it easy use the ancient way of deception. If the spoon of sugar makes us, people, swallow pills then the small ball of curd is the best for cats. If you hide the pill into the curd or into some quantity of canned cat’s food it will sometimes be the best decision. You will both feed your cat and give it the medicine and your cat will think that something wonderful has just happened.

Of course, many cats after they've smelt dainty know the Trojan Horse at once and look at it with disgust. In such cases you need more clear approach.

For this you need a big towel as thick as you can find. The actions may be changed but I do it in the following way: wind cat’s neck around with the help of a towel like a children bib, then around its shoulders and again around body and do the same for the moment when only the head will stick out. Now take the cat on your hands.

If you have a partner then everything will be easier but you can do it yourself. I put the parcel with the cat on my knees. Then with one hand I open the cat’s mouth. The simplest way to do it is to stretch your hand above the cat’s nose and to press on its lips just behind its back lately tusks. The pressure in these places will make your cat open the mouth. After this with your another hand put the pill into the mouth on the tongue some sideways. To put it sideways is necessary for your cat to swallow it, but such system, of course, is not perfect. As soon as the pill will get to the mouth shut it, then turn the cat’s nose up and stroke the throat till the cat swallows the pill. Now keep the cat wound with the towel for some seconds. It can spit the pill out.

As soon as the cat swallows the pill spend a minute for stroking it and say that it is a beautiful and wonderful animal and that you thanks you cat for the help even if it opposed you. It would be better to give it the piece of some special dainty. After all this unroll the cat slowly and let it go. If the procedure is not a success (that, of course, may happen) then ask you veterinary to show you how to do it.

Another way means that you must crumble the pill and mix it with the usual food. It often helps if the pill isn’t bitter. You can also mix the pill with some special dainty such as children food. Also you can put the pill between two spoons and press them together. It will help to crumble most of the pills. If the pill is not crumbled you may do it in the following way: put it into the sheet of paper folded like a packet and strike it with the hummer. In most cases there is not necessary to strike the pill because it breaks into pieces after the soft strike.

How to give liquid medicines

Giving pills to your pills is a hard work but even more harder is to pour the liquid medicines in! But if you are patient and persistent you’ll do it. First of all wind your cat round as it was described before. It is the obligatory action because most of the cats will oppose such procedure. Don’t try to give the medicine in spoon! You can’t do it and you’ll just make the situation worse. Instead of that ask your veterinary to give you a single-use syringe without needle. It will help you to measure the necessary portion of medicine and also to give it to the cat with small portions. Ask your veterinary to show you how to do this when he gives you the medicine.

Now stretch your hand above the cat’s head, speaking delicately, then put your thumb and paint finger just behind its big tusks. Press your fingers to these places and your cat will open its mouth. But it won’t like it that is why be ready to put the tip of syringe into the corner of cat’s mouth and softly press the piston. Take the syringe out, let the cat shut its mouth and then turn its nose up and strike its throat. It will make it swallow the medicine.

it’s important: don’t pour too much liquid into the cat’s throat at a time because the medicine can get to the breathing canal and cause the illness of lungs. Pour the small portions of medicine each time. While pouring the medicine don’t turn the cat’s head up because the medicine can get into the breathing canal. If it seems to you in some moment that your cat is really frightened or tries to cough then stop the procedure! Let it cough so much times as it wants. It doesn’t matter how much medicine it will vomit. Then as soon as everything is all right try once more.

Here’s another one “deceitful” way of giving some thick medicine to the cat: smear this medicine on the front paws of your cat. It will lick it and you will have win.

Medicine greasing of cat

While greasing the cat’s body your main problem is that more grease will get into the cat than on it. It is quite normal but is not always good. Here are some examples which are connected with cats and greases.

First of all smear the grease and then smear both front paws of the cat with plant oil. Most of cats will lick it first of all. And after that perhaps it will stop thinking that the work has done. But may be it will lick itself again for complete the washing. Hope for the first but be ready for the last.

You can also buy for your cat “Elizabeth’s collar”. Cats hate this device but it will help the grease to stay at the place you have smeared. Ask the veterinary how long the “collar” should stay on the cat for the medicine will be effective. If he answers that the “collar” must be for a long time then let it be so. Your cat will recover. Fear which was caused by the collar will vanish. Just say your cat that it is the call of fashion.


All the medicines for the cat’s drugstore are prescribed by veterinary!

The medicines which are kept in the box of our bedside table for any case, such as aspirin, validol etc., are forbidden for the cats! You can kill your cat with these medicines. Also never give chamomile tea to your cat. If it has a light cold (for example, because of the draft) you may do the inhalation to your cat with the steam of chamomile liqueur.

Never buy medicines which are free sold at the zoo-shops. The sign “testified” says nothing. It can cause the strong diarrhea which may be cured only by veterinary.

Ask your veterinary to prescribe the following medicines and keep them always in the house drugstore:
- mean for disinfections of wounds (for example, 3% hydrogen peroxide or mallebryn);
- grease for wounds if the damage is not much (nebacetyn);
- ache appeasing medicines (children plugs, buskopan);
- grease for burns;
- activate carbonate (in the cases of diarrhea);
- soothing pills (baldrian-dispert, aceptomasin);
- enema for constipation;
- eye grease, mean for washing the eyes (ophtol).

You must write the date, your cat’s name and the rules of use on each medicine which was specially prescribed for the cat. Also in the cat’s drugstore you must have:
- bandage material;
- one flax towel;
- plaster;
- absorbent cotton and the special blood stopping one;
- children thermometer;
- Vaseline;
- droppers or single-use syringe (without needle) for putting in medicines or for feeding;
- tweezers.

it’s IMPORTANT! Cats have unusual reaction on the medicines which we are used to. The taking of aspirin or paracetamol may cause strong intoxication which may cause the death. Don’t use no-spa because at first it will cause vomit and then paralysis of back paws and decrease of the temperature of body. In the least portions of 0,1 - 0,2 ml no-spa doesn’t cause complications but it doesn’t act effectively. All unsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines are dangerous for cats. Such kinds of antibiotics as aminoglycosides and soluble sulfanilamide are dangerous too. Sulfanilamide in pills may be given.

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