Be careful! Toxoplasmosis

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“We may congratulate you, you’re pregnant!”. These are words which can lead any normal woman to delight. But after that the doctor very often asks “And do you have any pets? Have you a cat?” And you answer confusedly “Yes, I have”, and you get the firm diagnosis: its better to get the cat out of home for all period of pregnancy in another way you may fall ill with toxoplasmosis. A serious sentence! For kids toxoplasmosis is a dangerous illness. Sometimes it is followed by full idiocy. it’s a pity but cats often lead to in infection.

But most people had this illness without any problems for themselves. And not only recovered but also got the immunity to it. That’s why the young women must be obligatory examined sulfurologically to define if there are antisabstances in their blood. If the verdict is positive then that’s all right and a newborn child should not be afraid. But if the diagnosis is negative then the woman must be very careful. Because if she falls ill during the pregnancy the infection will get to the child.

And now let us turn back to the doctor’s verdict. Would we agree with it so humbly. We must think over and check it. We don’t want to make the dangerous of this illness less, of course, you must avoid it. But we think that to part with your pet so quickly would also be a mistake. There are so many cats who were narcotized or simply got out of home by mistake while such actions could be avoided. Besides that we learnt that 80% of adults are carrier of the infection but they don’t suffer from it.

The man may be infected by toxoplasmosis in the following ways:

1. Eating crude pork or mutton or also the infection by parasites got to your hands during you prepare this meat.

2. The infection may be in the cat’s excrements.

3. Mother can infect her baby when he hasn’t yet been born. The eating of crude pork or mutton which contains toxoplasmosis will cause toxoplasmosis. And we must say that 10% of pigs are infected with these parasites.

Cat may be infected in the same way as a man. Most often the illness gets your cat during the substantial eating of meat. In 2-5 days after the cat was being infected the cat’s excrements will contain the strong phases of exciter during a week. You may be infected by them, for example, when you are working in the garden where cats usually do their “work”. That’s why the pregnant women who were never ill with toxoplasmosis have to avoid any work in the garden or to use firm rubber gloves. And, of course, if the pregnant woman gets negative sulfurological diagnosis she must not clean the cat’s toilet herself because nobody knows the diagnosis of your cat. And its better to take your cat to the veterinary. It’ll clear up many things and if your pet is healthy you can compose the menu for it and protect it from getting the infections and, of course, have contacts with it without danger.

How to prevent the infection by toxoplasmosis ?

For this aim you must maintain the following rules: meat for you cat should be obligatory boiled. It is not obligatory if the meat was kept in the temperature of 20 degrees below zero; don’t let your cat eat birds or rodents because they are perhaps have the exciter of toxoplasmosis; the cats with following symptoms as high temperature, losing of appetite, increase of lymph centers, growing thin, cough, hard breathing or just unusual symptoms of behavior have to be examined by the veterinary; cats have to be isolated for 10-14 days of treatment if the exciters of toxoplasmosis is found in their excrements; clear the cat’s litter box every day because the exciters of toxoplasmosis keep their life power in the room temperature during 2-4 days. Wash the toilet bottom with hot water then rinsing it with solution of aqueous ammonia. While cleaning the bottom use the special gloves or mittens; put on mittens while working in the garden. Don’t set children sand box in the place where cat can use it; fight with the cockroaches, flies and rodents; don’t let your cat have contacts with the street animals because they can be infected by toxoplasmosis.

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