Castration and sterilization

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Shvaika after operations Every year millions of healthy, beautiful, friendly cats and kittens are killed - yes-yes, millions! - because there is no home for them. If you love cats, please, sterilize your kitten as soon as your veterinary says. Now kittens are sterilized early at the age of eight weeks without any complications while sterilization at the age of six months is still normal. But each veterinary has his own point of view about the age of operation that’s why follow his recommendations. But do it certainly! Sterilized cats live longer, they have less problems with the health, and they adapt themselves as well as not sterilized animals.

If you clear imagine that the cat can bear about 200 kittens during its life then you’ll take castration or sterilization of your pet as normal. It concerns not only the owners of female cat. The owners of male cat must also think about it instead of giving to the cat an opportunity to take part in all cats marriages. If you decide to lock your male cat or female cat up for the period of sexual hunting then you should learn that it is almost unreal. Such period usually comes twice a year (at the beginning of March and the beginning of June) and lasts from two to three weeks. But in two weeks after birth cat can leave for hunting again (my Shvaika was just the same). Who may be sure that he’ll isolate the animal at all? Besides, the behavior of locked cats either males or females is nervous and exited that will be hard to you, too. It happens that female cats stop eating and quickly get thin and male cats behave outrageously in the house, they jump on the tables, attack windows and curtains with growling. Besides it may cause changing in the organism and psyche of the animal and periods of hunting in spite of the nature calendar will come more often. Either castration or sterilization are both usual operations for the skilled veterinary. These operations may be done from the twelfth week for male cats and from the tenth for female cats. As a rule, veterinary objects to such early terms and operate; the male cats only at the age of 7-9 months. The operations of female cats is postponed to later terms.

Before to visit the veterinary the owners of female cats must think of giving a chance for the pet to have at least one posterity. The education of kittens gives so much pleasure and it will be cruel to deprive the female cat of maternity. But remember that the quantity of born mustn’t be more than one or two times.

Besides you should change between sterilization and castration. After sterilization (it means breaking of seminal canal for males and of egg canal for females) the animal have the opportunity to have sexual connections but it can’t continue the genus. Male cat won’t lose his authority between his “friends”. Like the female cat he may continue his love adventures without posterity. After sterilization all hormonal organs stay on their places.

During the castration testicles are removed from the male cat and oviducts from female cat. After this males lose their rage, begin to eat more and stop to set smell marks. Flow stops in females and their appetite grows. In both cases the clear doses of food can stop growing stout.

Castrated animals don’t change badly. The thought that they stop hunting for mice is not true. But it may happen that animals become more friendly to you and as funny as in their childhood.

Castrated cat won’t be thick and lazy. It may be so even if it has too much food and a few physical exercises. It is one of many myths about castration which keep people from the right action: castration or sterilization of their cats. There is no any reason to refuse that but every year we have about five million reasons (so many cats are killed every year) in favor of the operation.

Castration of male cats easy and cheaper operation because everything is outside. Often there are even no seams. Castration of female cats is the inner operation with doing of triple seams (egg canals are out). Everything recovers with good care for 5-8 days. (From my own experience I can say that these days and also night must be devoted to your cat completely. That is why it is better to castrate your cat when you have vacation).

But it should be said that each conclusion is connected with each specific case. There are cats which have flow cycles 1-2 times a year and they need not at all either contraceptives, or castration. If cycles repeat more that 3 times a year you should better castrate the animal because hyper sexuality causes damages of general health and polycystic of female cats may begin. My Shvaika was just the same. It has flows every 10 or 12 days and it caused the polycystic of eggs. Contraceptives in such cases are only temporary means. it is better to castrate the cat. And I repeat one more that in every specific case you must get individual recommendation.

My cat hasn’t changed after castration. Only its character becomes a bit quieter. That is why don’t be slow!

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