Cats attack!

You think that our pets are so cute and fluffy? Are so wonderful, neat and pure?
NO!!! While we are giving some milk and food to them they develop a Great Plan under the title“Flyffy Attack”!

So I’vel revealed their plan.

In such a way they pretend

Don’t believe - that’s their true selves! Revenge!

Revenge for this



They are ready for revenger

They pretend to be peaceful but keep their eyes not being noticed

or almost not being noticed

They penetrate into our houses under the pretence of cute creatures

And at the same time behind our backs ... they train

Steal our food from under our very nose

And train again

Their scientist -

develop a new kind of fluffy soldiers!

While some are trying to get out of incarceration

The other calmly wait for liberation

When their leaders are arguing about great attack

They spy on us

And at the same time they pretend to be peaceful and innocent

They use ones

And carry on talks with the others

Even with their enemies

They learn to control them

Sometimes they are a success

By the way they are still thraining

And their scientists are still developing super soldiers

They have learnt to cloning

And they raise different mutation - cats with ultravision


Super fast cats under the codenames “Flash”

They learn to do without food and water - electricity is their food

While you are free from Internet they try to break up the Pentagon keyword

And they are SO MAD if they fail

They theach

And still train

Besides, some of them are go crazy

And they are still innocent

They continue to carry on talks


At the some time the special squads of signalers are laying the lines of communication

And the squads of mine - layers are doing their filthy job

They even have a special squad “Fluffy Ninja”

Which go through a special course of training - the toughest

Ninja even train with each other

They can attack behind the back not being noticed

And suddenly when you are asleep

You cannot see them unless they want to be seen themselves

They are kings of disguise

Yeah, they do it perfectly

They are trained by Master-Ninja Coon

Without a second rest, their scientists continue to develop super soldiers

even with exotic weapon

even with a LASER weapon

and even biosoldiers who poison our food

and “water”

They even develop afluffy biomass - bioreactor for making fluffy mutants

And even a new kind - SpiderCat - it can attack you from ceiling or wall

Yeah, they are innocent, without doubt

But trainings...

And trainings again

And this is the moment when they are ready to jump

And some of them are trying

When they are ready to seize the storehouse with provision

To rush into our rooms

And even to attack

Oops! They clutch at their head

They panic

And some are even hysterical

They are afraid: “What if it doesn’t work?!“

They pray: “Let everything be successful!”

They do it to sneak up to us and...

say “I’m here, with you, don’t be scared - everything will be OK” in our hour of need.

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