Finicky eaters

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Shvaika eating from spoonsLet us start from the beginning. If your cat doesn’t lose weight, if it has defecation daily and your veterinary says that everything is all right it means that your cat has no problems with the digestion. Perhaps you have problems with its feeding but your cat hasn’t. I advise to you to buy an interesting book, to get some hobby or to begin going to the parachute sport. Just let your cat have a rest. If it looks good, if it has the normal behavior then it is quite all right. Don’t trouble it. But if it looses weight, if it has irregular defecation and your veterinary troubles about the pet’s health then you are right: your cat has a real problem.

From all who had been finding the Kraal bowl, the cat was the one who found it. Some cats or, it’s better to say, most of them differ from the other very much in their restricted choice of food of a certain mark. It should not trouble you with the exception of cases when it is difficult to get such food or when your veterinary says that such menu is not complete. But if he says that it’s good for your cat and it is easy to get it then buy some boxes of food at once and be sure that you are lucky.

But what can you do if you have to change your cat’s menu? And in generally what can you to do if you have to make your fastidious cat to eat?

Let us begin from the deep breathe and relax. There was not any healthy animal that could starve itself. The lack of appetite is not popular among the cats through they can make you to think so during some days.

Besides that, remember, that cats as the beasts of prey, biologically adopted not to eat for one or two days. If they have the access to clear and fresh water it can miss some feedings without any harm to its health. With this information you can start.

The simplest way to begin is to reduce the usual menu of cat for one of two days. Give it during each feeding only one or two teaspoonfuls of food and take away the plate in twenty minutes after feeding. It will rise cat’s appetite and get it used to run to the plate with food.

On the third day add some new food. Give the eat the teaspoonful of food and take away the plate in twenty minutes. If the cat has eaten everything it’s wonderful! It was easy! If it looks hungry give it another teaspoonful of food. But don’t give too much, your cat must be a bit hungry, at least, for some days.

If your cat doesn’t eat, don’t worry. During the next feeding try it again (give it the fresh food but of the same mixture). Continue to repeat to yourself that your cat won’t starve. When it eats such mixture with pleasure during one or two days rise the number of new food in the mixture. Now it must be about 25% of the whole mixture. If you cat eats normally give it another portion.

When your cat eats such food with pleasure prepare the 50% on 50% mixture. Now you have almost achieved the result. When your cat begins to eat such mixture you will win. Continue to give it the fifty-fifty mixture during one or two days. During that you may rise the whole portion to normal one.

During the next week gradually reduce the part of the usual food and rise the part of a new one. Some cats take it easy but the other stop at the certain quantity or part. Don’t take it close to heart. Just continue to feed your pet with portions it has chosen during some days. It will get used.

Now you've got the result and you have wasted not too much time. Most of the cats take such gradually changing of the menu easy and besides it helps their stomach to adopt the new food that helps to avoid diarrhea or indigestion.

But I must worn you: a hungry cat is an inventive cat. Take away everything from the table if you don’t want that it adds to its menu leavings of your food and sabotage the whole process.

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