Life in the countryside

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Country-side means that all the houses are situated on the territory of a few acres and more and are surrounded by other houses which are situated on the territory of a few acres in quiet streets far from busy city streets. It is safer for cats.

However, such surroundings bear risk for cats, though it is not so dangerous in the country as it in the the suburbs. There are few cars, more space and the density of cats is usually less in the country. That means the boundaries of cats' territories do not cross each other often and the battles for territories are not so furious. But all in all there are dangerous moments which one should take into account if the point is whether you let your pet out or not.

If your pet is away from dangerous things made by people, it doesn't mean that it will be OK. Now natural dangers such as wild animals may threaten your pet. But sometimes the danger may be just near your house.

Kodak, a cute white-and-black female cat, during the contents of the look, has been living in the country in Vermont on the top of small mountain far from dirty and narrow road. during many years she enjoyed its free life. But some months ago there was an accident. She was hit by one of the rams living in the same estate. For those who saw the rams long ago and didn't test their horns I'd like to notice that it's not a fun, these are large animals with big horns and natural instinct how to use them and their weight is more than 40 kg. If they attack you, they hurt you seriously. And if they attack the cat... Well, Kodak remained alive by a miracle but she lost its eye.

Why did such things happen after the animals had lived together for many years? Who knows?! But Kodak was seen with a skunk that's why there is an assumption that when she came to the farm-yard it had a strange smell. And rams defended themselves from those they thought aliens.

Skunks are considered to be a problem too. Skunks and coons are known an carriers of rabies - a disease spreading in many parts of north America. besides, there are traps which are dangerous for cats. Some states still do not allow to use traps which catch animals for their legs. These traps are hidden till an animal steps on it. then the traps catch its paw or led. Of course there is no possibility to define which leg or paw it is. Different animals caught by such trap die slowly: of thirst, traumas, shock or hunger. If it is necessary to catch animals, there are more human methods to do it and people should require to apply such methods. Here can be no excuses.

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