Life in the suburbs

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I think that of all places where cats can live suburb is the most dangerous. Why? Because people consider suburb to be a countryside, they think their yard is quiet and neighbors are nice people, so if they let their pet out it well be the right choice. But it is not so!

In the suburbs the density of cats is high that means the territory is divided and has strict boundaries. your pet, going out, either will enter the territory of another animal or will have to battle for its own territory. One way or another, battles are inevitable, especially for male cats.

There are many roads and the traffic is fast in the suburbs. That is bad for the cats of course most of them do not realize how dangerous the approaching vehicle may be.

There are also a lot of toxins in such places: beginning with pesticides with the help of which the lawns are treated (your pet walks along the lawns and the licks its paws) and ending with chicken bones in the garbage which your pet may swallow and they can pierce its internal organs. Thus, if your pet goes out in the suburbs, it will walk on the minefield.

Besides, there are neighbors who hate your pet. Our friends neighbor get satisfaction shooting any cat crossing their lawn. Foolish? Yes! Dangerous? Yes, very! But these people do not encroach on social prosperity and your pet may come home hurt or it may never come.

Stray dogs can also be dangerous. There are many of them in the suburbs and you will get absolutely dangerous district for your pet.

Take care of your pet and do not let it out or arrange a special place in your yard where it will be able to enjoy fresh air and breeze and will have a chance to chase the flying flies and what is important your pet won’t hurt itself! Besides, world changes. Human society take acts forbidding pets walk out freely. It is not a surprise! Have you ever tried to fall asleep listening to the female’s “love song” of fighting screams of males? Maybe you think that torn garbage pack and all the garbage on your road is normal for the cat owner. I doubt that your neighbors who don’t have pets will be patient. What would you say if you see a kid playing with sand on the playing-ground and scooping a portion of cat’s faces? These are real problems and if we don’t think about people who live next door the wave of intolerance will grow.

Living together with cats means to take responsibility not only for their health and well-being but also for their actions.

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