Life in the City

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Cats always lived with people in many different places. They possess unique features for adaptation and survival and that’s why living in the city is not a problem for cats if you keep them at home.

Busy streets can hardly be a suitable place for a man not to mention a cat, that is all urban cats should be domestic cats. It doesn’t really matter whether you live in a small apartment or dwell in a big luxurious detached house. Cats will adapt themselves to everything until you take care of their main necessities and foresee some of their instinctive wishes.

Only then you can have healthy and happy cat in your apartments. In some apartments there is not enough room for the members of your family to say nothing of your pet. The way out is to spend money and to arrange a roost for cats up to the ceiling. It will help your cats to exercise in climbing and also it’ll be a perfect shelter in case it needs it.

Having placed a special roost, you can encourage your pet to use it by hiding tasty things there. You may also use a string pulling it along the stand for the cat to catch it or you may rub the stand with a special cat’s mint. Any of these methods will attract your pet attention.

The most important devices for the safety of urban cat are firm nets on the windows which won’t come off when your pet is asleep leaning on them or when it jumps on them trying to catch a pigeon (see: Dangers). Cats may fall down and in fact they fall down very often. The consequences are awful. Take care of your cat, protect it by putting firm nets on the window. Don’t leave the window open even if the chink is narrow! Cats can easily slip out the narrow openings. Besides, your pet cat open the window wide and jump out.

In the majority of city apartments the floor space is rather small that’s why be sure to prepare a special place for your cat, its private place to hide when the guests or strangers come (see: How to treat cats). Many cats don’t like strangers and feel nervous if they don’t have the opportunity to hide. In case you don’t like the idea of using your bedroom as a shelter for the pet, think over the chance to make it in your closet. Leave the door of the closet half open and fix it. Then make the “bed” laying your shabby T-shirt at the bottom, and put the bowl with water within easy reach of your cat. It will be quite enough for the short periods of time.

Sleeps on closetThere must be one rule in the house: if the cat hid in its shelter, no one should disturb it there. That place is its safe zone. People might have best intentions but when the cat sees them approaching it that means an aggression. Wait until it goes out of its own accord and then call it, stroke it and even give it something tasty. Remember: if your pet treats strangers with distrust, it’s quite normal. It is not a problem or a drawback. Just leave your cat alone.

Urban cats may fall a victim to nervous breakdown like us, people. Cats, which don’t take everything as it is, are more subjected to nervous breakdowns caused by long period of isolation, small apartments, sudden long screams and noise, constant sounds from the hall or street and pollution of the air, then those which do not pay attention to everything mentioned above.

Fortunately, you can overcome the difficulties with the help of appropriate diet, exercises, games, favorable surroundings and regimen. To keep to a diet is very important not only for people but also for cats. If your pet is on the point of nervous breakdown it’s not the time to reduce its ration. On the contrary choose for it the best diet. I for one think the best nourishment is natural food containing as little artificial food seasoning and food dye as possible. Many enterprises produce excellent food-stuffs for cats and I recommend to buy them. Be sure to give your pet fresh greenery. Fresh, pure water is also very important.

Cats need games and exercises. Toys or other small things which a man draws on a string will be a fun not only for your cat-hunter but for you too. All kinds of games dealing with the chase are useful for a cat especially if it climbs some objects or run under them. It’ll make the game more interesting and your pet soon will get tired. I don’t mean, of course, that you are going to tire your cat out. Not all will be able to play for a long time. But a good so-called “hunt” once or twice a day will help your pet to satisfy its instinctive requirements.

Surroundings, as it was mentioned above, can mane the life of your cat easier or hamper it. If you give it the opportunity to hide somewhere or to climb to the top, you’ll create natural elements in the unnatural surroundings.

And finally some words about regimen. It can bring comfort to any animal, suffering from nervous breakdown, except nervous breakdowns because of boredom. If your pet’s suffering from nervous breakdown or if it is nervous all the time, a special regimen will help it. Try to arrange your, so your cat’s daily routine in such a way that you may follow it all the day. For example, don’t feed your cat at 7 am during the whole week if you’re going to sleep a bit longer on Sunday. Either feed it as late as possible on weekdays or buy a special automatic feeding rack. Try to make its world more predictable because this is that thing which makes the life of your cat safe and reliable.

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