Exercises and games

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All cats, especially, those who always stay at home, need the way to spend their energy. Like children you may either propose those games what you like to cats or reconcile to those they invent themselves. Cats usually invent such games as “Wild cat”, “Mistress of your ankles”, “Cat-spider”, “Cat climbing up on expensive curtains” and many other games which they like themselves but which will be unpleasant to you.

It is not so hard to find the game for your cat which won’t be dangerous for anything. Cats prefer such advertisements which have the elements of hunting. The games in which cats steal up, attack, run after something, beat with their paws or bite something are always popular between cats. Very few cats can resist from such thing which is “for example”, a piece of rope creeping on the floor or a paper ball rolling on it.

Training of the cat


Shvaika sprawlsCat which runs, jumps, attacks something or follows something while stretching its body doing this. If you catch your cat lying on the floor you can make it do some intensive exercises for stretching its body. Pull on the floor before the cat the toy on the rope but do it so that the cat can not touch it. If you are successful the cat will stretch to get the toy. There are some other exercises in stretching: slowly press the cat to the floor. While approaching the floor cats begin doing this themselves. And on the contrary if you take the cat’s body just below the edge of bed most of cats will stretch up. Each time when you cat does what you want praise it. Your praise will help it to understand your demands.

Cat must climb up

You can make your cat climb up practically on any surface using the toy on the rope. First of all, let your cat follow the toy persistently. For this aim rock the toy just above its head or slowly pull it on the floor before the cat. Then even indifferent cat will take part in the game. Now climb the toy up the stand for scratching, make it “jump” from the top of stand, excite your cat. The more your cat will stretch up after the toy the better training it will get.


Plays by ropeIf your cat does active motions for ten or fifteen minutes it will be good aerobic training for it! For this aim the best of all will be pursuit of toy. The more interesting such hunting will be the more interested in it will be your cat. You may also take the big cardboard box and cut some holes of cat’s size on it. Then put into the box a ping-pong ball, or pull inside the rope with the toy on it, or rock the toy before your cat and then push it into the box. Generally have a fun and your cat will have it too. And if during this fun the box suddenly brakes - don’t worry. You’ll get more than you will lose.

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