Cutting the claws

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If you make your cat get used that you touch its paws from its kitten hood then this procedure won’t be like fighting. But if you don’t then you've got hard work. But it is never late to teach your cat something new. So don’t despair and try to begin!

It is better to begin this procedure when the cat is tired and weak. There are no reasons to get problems trying to touch the excited cat. If your cat is calm begin to caress it. Your voice and motions of your hands must be calm.

Softly press one of the paws so that the cat shows the claws. Take the scissors and cut the end of one claw. Then put the scissors aside and caress the cat again. Repeat the procedure one or two times and finish it that day. You know that you are not obliged to cut all the claws at once. I always advise the owners not to be such in a hurry if they have time. You know that the claws will stay at their places next day! If you do it gradually then your cat will get used to this process and in a month your pet will lie happily and calmly while you are cutting its claws.

Cut only thin and transparent ends of claws. Keep the scissors rather far from the pink inner part of claw because it is flesh and if you hurt it then your cat will feel the same as if somebody pulls out your nails.

It would better to have some powder to stop bleeding because if you cut the inner part of claw it will bleed much. While cutting the claws play tricks with your cat. The sound of your quiet voice will calm the cat.


Only few things cause such active opposition among cats as the removal of claws does. And it has the reason. The removal of claws is a very painful operation because the claws are removed together with the nail bed. It is painful. And it is forever.

Here are some thoughts about the removal of claws. Kittens scratch things and it is the part of their life. Abandon hope that they won’t do it. Most of them can be taught to scratch the special stand if you have spent your time for teaching since their kitten hood. Captivity, praises, graduation in the actions and cutting the claws are the conditions of success at this stage. I don’t understand those people who think that it is cruel to lock up the kitten, but then they remove its claws to avoid the problems.

You may teach adult cats to concentrate their energy to the stand for scratching with the help of the same methods which you use while teaching kittens. Perhaps you will spend some more time for teaching the adult cat but you will achieve the positive result. Persistence, preventive measures, patience and praises are the keys to success.

But if you have tried everything but your adult cat continues to spoil things and you don’t know what to do, then you have only two ways: either you continue to keep this cat which has no other bad features or you have to kill it. We think that the removal of claws is necessary only in the last case.

Facts show that adult cats which have been found to the shelter often can not find the owner to themselves. Besides, there is not much hope that people would be more patient to your cat than you. If you have to choose between probable death and removal of claws I prefer the removal of claws.

But don’t agree with such procedure without special reason. It is the mutilation. After that your cat is defenseless, it can’t climb up as easy and effective as before, it will be restricted to playing. Even if you may do something it doesn’t mean that you must do it. In spite of complaining of destructive scratching of your cat, spend time for teaching your cat what you want.

There is much gossip about the removal of claws. It is quite different: some says that cats without claws bite more often, and some confirm that such removal has not any negative action. I think that the reaction of your cat will depend on it’s personal character. Some accommodating cats take such operations easily but the others do not. Remember that each cat has it’s own individual character.

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