Fur brushing

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While cats brushes themselves perfectly you have to help them in their tendency for the ideal hygiene. All the cats need your help but the longhair ones need it most of all. Here are some advices how to take care of fur. The more detailed advices you can get from the cat’s barber, veterinary or breeder.

Shorthair cats

A lot of cats in the world belong to this category. It is easy to look after such animals but nevertheless they need daily brushing especially during the molt season which comes in spring and autumn. The most helpful are brushes of natural bristle and so-called “dog glove” which influences the cats in a good way. For brushing and getting out dead hairs the comb with thin teeth will be perfect.

Longhair cats

Longhair cats differ from each other very much in their needs of brushing. Some of them have thinner fur and it seldom entangles, but others have soft thick end easy entangled one. The places where fur is often entangled are lower part of neck, belly, chest, back paws and places behind the ears. Perhaps it would be easier to say that in such places as the top of the head, front toes, tail and back the tangles of fur appear not so often but in spite of this fact you have to examine these places especially during the molt season.

It is necessary to accustom the longhair cat to brushing. I have often seen shaved cats because their owners couldn’t brush them and the shaved longhair cat is not pleasant do look at. If it is necessary to do, then do it. It is necessary for health and comfort of your cat but aren’t you ashamed?! If you choose the longhair kitten it means that you choose the daily brushing. But if you don’t like such daily procedure then. Please, restrict yourself to looking through the photos of longhair cats but don’t try to keep the real cat!

Before you take the Persian cat spend some time at the breeder’s to learn how to brush your cat daily and weekly. One of the small secrets of skill is in using the toothbrush with soft bristle during the brushing of cat’s face. Such brushes are soft and useful.

If the fur is too thick then, perhaps, you have to cut the hollow in the groin. To do such monthly haircut is more pleasant then to find the remains of excrement in the fur after each visit of toilet. While cutting the fur around the anal hole try to hold the scissors with their ends down farther from cat’s flesh. It will help you to avoid wounds. If you doubt about it then it’s better to take your cat to veterinary or to local animal barber. It is not that part of body where you may make a mistake. Your cat thanks you beforehand!

Extraction of tangled fur

Here are advices how to cut the tangled fur from your cat’s fur. The safest way is the next. Hold the tangled fur as lower as you can. Then cut it just above your fingers. Such way guarantees that you’ll not hurt the skin while cutting the tangled fur.

And here is another effective and safety way. Take the sharp scissors so that the sharp edge looks outside and then set it under the tangled fur then put them up from the skin. It will help you to extract the tangled fur safely. If to repeat it some times you can divide the tangled ball in separate locks which you can brush with the comb.

And, at last, you can just grapple the tangled fur with the comb and cut all above with the scissors.

Bare hair cats

There are some kinds of cats which have either a few fur or do not have it at all. These elegant animals, as you see, have don’t many problems with molt, tangled fur or fleas. But there is the other side of the coin, they do not like temperature changing. You have to protect them from the sun and to cover their skin with the lotion for keeping it from drying.

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