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I don’t know exactly who hates bathing more: the cat which is bathed or the owner who does it. Most cats hate water and while some cats got used to taking baths calmly, if they were bathed regularly from their childhood, just a few of them got used to being satisfied after such a procedure.

The positive side is that most cats seldom need bathing because they are naturally clean. It means that bathing is necessary only if the cat got soiled, its fur got greased or it has many lice or dandruff.

Do not bathe little kittens or old cats if it is not absolutely necessary. But if you have done it, try to get them into a warm place without draft and dry them as soon as possible. In case the animal is old or too young, I advise you to consult with the veterinarian before bathing.

Everything you require for bathing you’ll find below.

Closed room

If you don’t close the door and your cat runs out then I wish you good luck! You’ll have to make your angry and covered with soap cat go from behind the sofa.

Well-brushed cat

If you bathe the cat with the tangled fur it will be bad for it. If you can’t brush tangled fur, take the cat to the barber and let him do it professionally. After that try to brush your cat in time. You have to get out dead hairs from the fur, examine if there are no wounds on the skin, clean the cat’s ears and cut the claws. These are the usual procedures which are necessary before bathing.

Fixed hung shower, hand shower or hose

The water stream must be weak and no massages with the help of the shower! Mutinously fixed shower is a big value if you bathe the cat alone. It helps you to rinse the cat well while handing it confidently. If you use the hand showers, turn the stream to the bath bottom, turn on the water and then approach the shower to the cat. If you take it far from the cat it will be afraid.

If your cat hates hand shower use the simple hose put on the tap for pouring and rinsing the cat. Such a hose will help you to guarantee a good water stream without noise and pressure.

Big sponge or little dish

If your cat refuses the hand shower or hose you may pour or rinse your cat with the help of a sponge or dish. Each of them will give a good result. You just have to spend some more time rising your cat from below. You can solve the problem by filling the bath-tub with little water (the level is some sm). But not very much because it will frighten your four-legged friend!

Cat shampoo

Use the special shampoo for cats, it should be marked on the label. It is very important to cheek the shampoo which are destined against pincers or fleas because the shampoos for dogs can be poisonous for your cat.

Thick towel or window net

Cats do not like it when their paws are sleeping. If you put the towel on the bottom of the bath or wash stand it will help your cat to feel safe. Many people use window nets instead of towels. Cats grasp them with their claws and stand still. It is a beautiful idea to use everything that would help occupy the claws!

Hair dryer

Keep it not too far, but, please, not near the water.

Clean towels which are easy to get

One of them is for the cat and the other for you because when everything is finished you’ll become wet through.

Hold the cat strong

During bathing it’s better to hold your cat on the upper part of the spine. Softly take the skin in this place but do it strong and don’t let the cat go. If you let it go, don’t try to catch it again. Any attempt to catch the frightened animal will trouble it more and do not forget about danger to yourself.


And now you are ready to begin. Take the cat quietly and friendly. Spend some minutes to caress and to tell it about its beauty. Enter the bathroom with your cat and close the door. During the whole procedure try to speak quietly with the cat. Your calm voice will help the cat to stay quiet.

Hold the cat on the upper part of the spine and put it on the bottom of the bath so that its face turns to the opposite side from you. In case it is frightened and wants to run away it will run in direction from you.

Turn on the warm water. Cats have a very sensitive skin and if the water is warm for us it may be too hot for the cat. And now holding the shower close to the cat pour it with water. Just at that moment the cat will fight most of all. Most of the cats surrender when they become wet. Try not to wet the head, it will help your cat to remain quiet. Most of the cats hate when the water gets into their ears or eyes.

But if your cat has fleas it is necessary to wash its head. In such cases use the sponge to wet the head. Then carefully cover it with the soap. Try not to let the soap get into the cat’s eyes, nose, mouth, or eyes. Then cover the neck with the soap. Fleas which are interested to survive, like people, facing the water will try to get higher. This place is the head and that’s why if you block up this place with the soap you will stop those little devils.

For getting the good soap foam try to use as much shampoo as possible. Because the more shampoo you use the longer and harder the procedure of rinsing will be. it’s better to cover the fur with shampoo and mix it with warm water. Then it will be easy to cover it and it will give much foam. Massage in the soap foam the whole cat’s body. If the cat is long-haired, press the fur out in the soap foam. If you rub the fur, then the long hairs may tangle and this will complicate your work. Rinse the cat carefully and then rinse it once more.

The rest of the soap may cause itch or irritation of skin. Don’t be in a hurry, rinse your cat better. The stream of water must be directed from the head like the direction of fur. Don’t forget to rinse the belly and the places under the tail and shoulders where the rest of soap may stay.

After rinsing the cat, take it out of the bath and put on the clean towel. Then cover your cat with the towel and only after that set it free. Now dry it carefully with the towel. And don’t forget to not rub the long fur because it can tangle. Remember that you have to speak to your cat in a calm, tender voice. Tell it different wonderful and true words, for example, how good it was during bathing and how beautiful it will look after the procedure.

If you can, dry the cat with the help of a hair dryer on the fewest power or carefully dry it with the towel. After that, put the cat in a warm place. Put it into the container with the soft towel on the bottom and then put the container under the small lamp, it will be comfortable for the cat. Check it from time to time if it is not too hot.

You have done your work! My congratulations! Now you may have a rest for some minutes because you have deserved it!

How to avoid the smell of skunk

If you are reading this chapter not only because of curiosity I am really sorry for you. Fortunately it seldom appears with the cats but if it happens you need some assistance. Cat with the smell of skunk is the real problem for the surroundings. And frankly speaking, nothing can help during many months and that terrible smell will stay especially when the weather is wet.

Foremost, put your cat in the cage and take it outside. The cage must be set in the shadow but don’t take it home! If the cat is already at home, take it out, in the yard. This smell will stick to everything your cat touches.

Put on some old clothes you were going to throw away. Take the old towels you can live without. Take some means for protection from smell and cover with it your upper lip under the nose. Now you are ready to fight!

Bathing is quite necessary here. If you have the rubber gloves, use them. They’ll help you to not be very repugnant to the surroundings after that hard procedure. Many people have their own opinion on how to avoid the smell of skunk. Here are the most popular:
a mixture of half a liter of vinegar and four liters of water; concentrated tomato juice; concentrated orange juice. Some say that the shower of liquid based on vinegar is very useful. But in such cases, perhaps, you have to explain to the pharmacist why you need four or five packets of that means.

Try to cover your cat with any means you have chosen from paws to head but be careful with the eyes. Let it remain on the cat for some minutes. Then pour the cat and repeat the procedure again. Finish the procedure with the general washing with the cat shampoo. It won’t destroy the smell but reduce it.

We know that warmth helps to destroy the smell. That is why dry the cat with the help of a hair dryer on its fewest power. It will help to solve your problem. But don’t do it too much because to all the cat’s suffering you may add the burn.

If you want to save your clothes and towels, put them into the mixture of water and vinegar for some time and then dry them in the sun. Perhaps you’ll have to repeat this procedure but it will help you. As for me, I would keep such things far from the washing and drying machines till they smell normally. It is not necessary to soil your machines. After the procedure, take a hot bath because you have deserved it!

How to win fleas

One of the most famous instruments for this aim is the comb. Brush your cat and throw each flea into the dish with the soap water. It will help you to reduce the quantity of fleas and then you will be dull while doing this procedure. Besides brushing it  is also useful to clean the places where your cat sleeps with a vacuum cleaner because fleas often put their eggs there.

If there are many fleas in your house you have to do something serious. Ask the veterinarian what advice for your cat and your house because you both require the treatment and not only once. The successful fighting with fleas means some actions from you.

Fleas are another reason not to take your cat outdoors. If fleas never get into your house you won’t have problems.

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