How to say "Good bye!"

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If you live together with the animals it has only two negative points. First, they do not live as long as we do, and, second, we can decide to stop their sufferings. The second point is a very doubtful kindness. From one side you get one more, the last chance to express your love to your four-legged friend in the most self-denying way. You can decide that you love it too much to let it suffer so much. When the inevitable really becomes inevitable you can lead it from a life as tender and lovely as you where with it during its life.

From the other side you will take the hard load in your soul. When can you say "That's enough"? The cat which cries of pain stretching in the morning is the same one which lies near you in the evening purring with pleasure, isn't it? How could you know that the time has come? Perhaps there is any medical miracle which can help? Perhaps you could help if you have more money? Difficult questions, real questions... The questions that you have to ask yourself.

Do everything you can. That has always helped your cat in the past will help now. Trust yourself because you know your friend very well. Some cats stand the pain quietly, others do not. In such moments I imagine that the life of my animals lies on the scales. The pleasure and satisfaction lie from one side and the pain and suffering from the other side. When sufferins overweight pleasure then, perhaps, it means that the time has come.

Those of you who has never seen how the animals are injected for euthanasia, let me retell you something from my own practice for you to be ready for this when the time comes.

You can be either near your cat or not at that moment. It is your own choice. There are no right or wrong decisions, do what you think is right for you and the best for your four-legged friend.

If you prefer to stay with your cat try to be more quiet and glad till the procedure finishes. Then your cat won't be afraid. Of course, you have made the terrible choice but now when the decision has been made I want my animal to stay quiet and glad. I want that the last it hears in the world will be my voice full of love and the last it feels will be the touch of my hand which will caress it tenderly as it was a million times before. When it dies I'll lose my control but now I try to hold myself.

Death comes very quickly. It is only the injection. Animals feel the pain only by touching the thorn. Some seconds are necessary for pushing the syringe and then taking the thorn out and now your friend has gone asleep and lost the consciousness. Some seconds later and that's all. Try to get satisfied from the last seconds before the thorn enters the skin. After that everything will stop.

Most of the veterinarians will treat you with sympathy and understanding. They let you stay with your friend as much time as you need. Stay there for a few minutes or go away if it is better for you.

It doesn't matter how right was such a decision from the point of view of my mind, it will always be wrong for my heart.

It is a very sad page, but it is necessary to read it if you really love your cat.

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