ShvaikaFew people remain indifferent to cats. Most people adore cats like no other creature. Cats give us their love. They seldom beg for something unless it’s time to have dinner. When they roll up on your knees, they do it only ’cos, to their mind, you deserve it. Climbing your shoulders, cats think they will be safe there. They lie in your magazine because it’s impossible to believe that their best friend prefers looking through boring, lifeless things rather than admiring such a sleek, perfect, purring creature. It is always near you, watching, but it’s rarely troublesome. Its world is closely bound up with ours, but it doesn’t go round our world. Sharing your life with cat means to see day and sometimes night the grace of its soul and body if only you know what to be looking for.

It may be a surprise, which we feel looking at the eyes of this tiny lion, or happiness, when we watch the kitten trying to catch a piece of down. Probably it is the beauty of your pet who basks stretched in the sun and seems to be asleep, or satisfaction, which we feel when your cat meets you at the doorstep, having heard the click of the key. I for one, like the feeling, when my cat sleeps rolling up on my knees, snuggling up to my body. I love that feeling of unanimity which my cat, Shvaika, suggests to me, when rubbing its head against me. At that very moment I feel that I’m a unique friend enjoying its confidence. Only me is allowed to that special world.

There exists a great feeling of intimacy towards cats. It is an original club and only small creatures can invite you to join it. You can neither buy their soul, nor impress them by your property or connections. They’ll prefer your company to any other in the world, and will make their choice again and again till they die. What other relations can give us such reliability, faithfulness and encouragement?

There are many reasons why we share our life with cats but all of them have something mutual. Love is that very thing which unites us: our love of animals, their grace, simplicity, sincerity, beauty, devotion, affection, spontaneity, playfulness. And their love of us, human beings, only cats know the secret why they love us. All in all, it’s love.

Shvaika washedIn this server we have different information which can help you and your pet to live in harmony for many years. I’vel tried to collect the answers to those questions that bothered my pet Shvaika and me. The source of information is different books and magazines, my personal experience, talks with veterinarians. It can’t pretend to be an absolute truth, but I’m sure this is the simple way to find answers to many questions.

Let your cat always be with you, to console when you’re sad, to entertain when you’re bored, to make company when you’re alone, to remember that basking in the sun is a wonderful thing, to show that a real world is only jumping and purring. My best regards and kindness to you pet.

Yours sincerely Igor “Igogo” Bushyn.

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